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Visiting Domme and Slave, with a touch of oxy-shop fun

It’s Friday night, and my Master had been hinting all day that we might expect visitors tonight. He didn’t specify who, but I thought it was someone I’d never met.

For the past few months, Master had me subcontracted out to serve as a sex slave to four married men. These men, all living in sexless marriages, have been visiting at least once a week. They’ve been coming here either individually or as a group to fulfil their sexual needs. I’ve been mentally and

physically treating this as a service to save their marriages. I call these men “The faceless men” because I never see their faces; I’m always either hooded or blindfolded whenever they have sex with me. I honestly wouldn’t recognise them if I passed them in the street.

“Master? Are the faceless men coming here again tonight?” I asked. It had been at least eight or nine days since they were last here.

“No, Laura, it’s someone else tonight. It’s someone who’s never been before, and she’s bringing you a little surprise, " he answered.

Immediately, thoughts flashed through my mind, and I felt excited about who it could be. I would’ve already known if it was one of our vanilla friends.

Master had requested that I dress in a short white see-thru nightie, which only came halfway down my thighs, a pair of black high-heeled shoes, and a black leather collar. His request had me wondering who this guest was.

“She? Master? May I inquire as to who this person is? " I asked him inquisitively, especially when I heard the word she mentioned.

Master laughed, saying, “I thought you might pick up on that; you must wait and see when they arrive. But, when they do arrive, I want you standing in the middle of the living room, facing the front door with your legs apart and wrists together behind your back”.

“Is that clear?” he asked sternly.

“Yes, Master, perfectly clear”, I responded.

BDSM Story: Domme and Sub

Mixed feelings began rushing through me, not knowing whether to feel excited or nervous. I felt incredibly sexy in the way I was dressed. Although the nightie was free flowing, it hung down over my body and was translucent enough to see my naked shape beneath. Whenever I moved, the soft, light fabric brushed against my skin in a way that constantly reminded me I was naked and vulnerable.

An hour later, at six pm, I heard a car turn into our driveway, and the motor stopped.

“Master! Sounds like our guests have arrived”, I yelled out.

I quickly went downstairs and stood in the centre of the living room facing the front door, my legs wide apart and wrists crossed behind my back, precisely as Master had instructed me earlier this afternoon.

“Good girl”, Master told me as he walked past to greet the guests at the front door.

Before they had a chance to knock, Master opened the door, gestured for them to come inside, and said, “Good evening. "

 “Good evening”, the woman said, entering with an older man.

She immediately embraced my Master, giving him a long, passionate kiss on his lips.

“It’s been such a long time since we’ve seen each other”, she said the moment their lips separated.

“Yes, it has. There’s so much to talk about, and so much water has passed beneath the bridge, " Master told her.

The woman was tall and slender. Her long black hair hung down over her black leather outfit. Her leather pants clutched her shapely body so tightly that they looked as if they were painted on. Her outfit revealed every curve of her body. The leather top was open in the front, revealing enough cleavage to make any man or woman weak at the knees. Her painted fingernails matched the bright red lipstick. She was a beautiful woman. I found it hard not to stare at her in awe.

She told Master, “I would like you to meet my slave. His name is just Boi."

Boi was just over six feet tall, probably around 185cm tall. He was in his late fifties but had a big, strong, muscular build. His large chest, muscular legs, and arms could be seen through his shirt. He was wearing a similar leather-styled collar to the one I was wearing.

It was the first time a proper Domme with a slave had ever visited the house. I could tell there must be some history between this woman and my Master. I was not going to inquire about it unless the information was offered.

The woman turned towards me. I immediately shifted my gaze away from her beautiful body and stared at the blank wall at the side of the room. “Oh, who have we got here? She asked as she moved towards me.

“Oh, this is Laura. She’s my wife and my submissive. She has been wondering all day who our guests would be tonight, " Master told her.

“Mmm, she is very pretty, “the woman said as she ran her hand down my side.

“Laura? I would like you to meet Mistress Alicia”, Master told me.

I nodded and said, “Hello, Mistress Alicia. I am pleased to meet you. You are both very welcome in our house. "

“Thank you, Laura; you can call me Mistress. I can see this is going to be a fun evening”, Mistress said, smiling.

After the introductions, we all went upstairs to the main living area. I immediately began preparing food and drinks for Master and Mistress Alicia.

“Boi? I want you to strip”, Mistress instructed him the moment we got to the top of the stairs.

Boi removed his clothes and folded them neatly, placing them in a pile next to the staircase.

I couldn’t help but notice he was wearing a steel chastity trainer set. It is the same type I’ve seen for sale on the website. The main metal ring was a hinged type that went around both his cock and balls; there was a smaller ring through which just his cock passed, and a small integral lock locked the two rings together. I tried hard not to stare at the naked man, but I could see his cock was not only accessible but held firmly in position by the smaller ring.

Mistress caught me staring as I quickly shifted my gaze to another direction.

“Oooh, looks like you have an admirer, Boi”, Mistress said.

She then went on to say, “Present yourself, Boi”.

Boi stood in the centre of the room, his legs apart and his hands clasped behind his head. He stared straight ahead to avoid eye contact with anyone else in the room.

“Laura, come over here. I want you to have a much closer look at Boi’s pathetically trapped cock and balls”, Mistress instructed.

“Yes, Mistress”, I answered.

“Here, Laura, feel his cock and balls. See how the smaller ring bites into his cock as it begins to grow”, Mistress told me.

I caressed her slave’s cock. It was getting harder and bigger in my hand the more I touched it. Boi gave a soft moan when I stroked his cock. The small ring of the chastity trainer bit into the flesh of his cock as it grew fatter. In no time at all, it made his cock so hard that I could see it was beginning to cause him some pain.

“You like that, don’t you slave? You like having someone gentle like Laura playing with your cock? Don’t you, Boi? “Mistress questioned her slave sternly.

“Yes, Mistress, I do”, Boi answered, sounding almost pained.

“Good. This might be your lucky night, Boi. You haven’t been allowed to cum for several weeks, I bet there’s a big load just waiting to come out”, Mistress told him.

Boi just nodded, as the chastity trainer must have been causing him a little pain from his cock swelling. I was gently stroking his cock; it was rock hard and pulsating in my hand. I was becoming more aroused by the minute. A thread of precum began to hang from the head and started stringing towards the floor. I quickly caught it on my finger to prevent it from reaching the floor. I instinctively licked the finger, not realizing that Mistress caught me.

‘Laura must be hungry for some of your cum Boi; I just caught her licking your precum from her finger”, Mistress said loudly.

I blushed. I felt like the naughty schoolgirl who had just been caught doing something she shouldn’t have.

Mistress Alicia sat on a single-seat lounge chair facing the centre of the room. She pointed to the floor alongside the chair and said to Boi, “Come sit here”.

“Yes, Mistress”, Boi said, moving alongside the chair.

“Come here, Laura, present yourself in front of me for inspection”, Mistress commanded.

“Yes, Mistress”, I said, standing directly before her.

I stood close to her legs. I spread my legs wide apart, and I clasped my hands together at the back of my head. I stared directly at the window behind her to avoid making eye contact with her.

My Master was sitting back on another chair, watching everything closely.

“Laura, I want you to straddle my thighs, so I don’t have to reach so far”, Mistress instructed.

“Yes, Mistress”, I replied, repositioning myself so my legs were on either side of her thighs.

Mistress subtly opened her legs a little wider, indicating she wanted my legs even wider apart.

I spread my legs wider again; it made me feel vulnerable now that my hairless pussy was well and truly in full view and reach of Mistress Alicia. This vulnerability also aroused me, which was often the case.

Mistress reached forward and began to run her hands over my body. Firstly, she went over the outside of my nightie’s fabric. In no time at all, her hands found their way beneath the fabric to explore my naked body. When her fingers went between my legs and began tracing through every nook and cranny, every fold of flesh, I subconsciously pushed my aroused pussy down into her hand as if inviting her to touch me further.

Suddenly, Mistress pushed two of her fingers in through the entrance to my vagina. I was wet with arousal, and her fingers slid effortlessly inside me, making me gasp loudly with pleasure.

“Oh my, you are wet, aren’t you, dear girl?” Mistress informed me.

“Boi, I want you to come over here and feel how aroused Laura is”, Mistress instructed Boi.

Without hesitation, Boi jumped to his feet and moved alongside me. He reached down between my legs and began feeling the folds of my labia. His fingers slid through my slit and began exploring every fold and bump of my hairless vagina. I found myself twitching against his touch, focused solely on the places his fingers touched.

Eventually, he slid a finger deep into the entrance of my vagina. His finger was much thicker than Mistress’s. It slid in deep through the entrance. I closed my eyes and gasped loudly. I automatically sunk some of my weight onto his hand; I was so fucking aroused by this stage.

“What did you think of that, Boi? Do you see how fucking aroused Laura is?” Mistress said to Boi, smiling.

“Yes, Mistress, I did; I think she wants more than just fingers, Mistress”, Boi replied.

“Silence Boi! You and Laura are not to talk to each other. I think you both should be gagged. Do you both understand? “Both Boi and I nodded in acknowledgement.

After Boi withdrew his finger, he ran it deep through the crack of my arse crack, brushing across the sphincter and then upwards over my naked back beneath the nightie. I could tell Boi was exploring my body and enjoying every moment.

He moved behind to reach around my body to the front with his big arms. I felt his stiff cock pressing in between my arse cheeks. I guessed he was just as aroused as I was. The end of his cock kept leaking precum; I was making my arse crack slippery. The chastity trainer was making Boi’s cock a lot harder than usual. That small ring was tight, acting like a gland ring, biting into the shaft of his cock.

“Boi, STOP!” Mistress exclaimed loudly. “I don’t want you cumming just yet.”

Boi quickly withdrew his hands from the lower part of my belly. His fingers were moving slowly down my front towards my clitoris. Mistress wiped some of the dripping precum off from Boi’s cock with her finger; she then pushed that finger between my lips into my mouth. I sucked her finger, tasting Boi’s precum once again.

I didn’t realise it, but Master had left the room briefly and returned holding two pairs of police handcuffs as well as two different black mouth gags. Both the gags were new, ones he had just purchased from the Oxy Shop website. One gag was the black dildo gag, which was multi-purpose, having both a ball and a penis-shaped dildo. This gag could be used in two different ways, either with the ball in your mouth and the dildo protruding outwards or with the dildo stuffed inside your mouth. The second gag was a head harness ball gag with a black ball. The same gag could also come with a red ball.

Master pushed the dildo end of the gag into my mouth and buckled the gag tightly behind my head.

My front teeth bit into the ball, and the dildo filled my mouth, making it impossible for me to speak.

He then fitted the head harness ball gag over Boi’s head, buckling all the straps tight. Once the chin strap was tightly buckled, it prevented the ball from coming out, making it impossible for Boi to speak. Drool immediately started finding its way out of our mouths.

“That’s good, finally, silence at last”, Mistress said jokingly.

“I think we need to lock these slaves away for at least half an hour so we can talk and catch up”, Master informed Mistress.

“What a brilliant idea”, Mistress Alicia said excitedly.

Master grabbed both my wrists and locked them into a pair of police handcuffs behind my back. He then locked Boi’s wrists into handcuffs but in front of him.

“Okay, slaves, follow me down to the basement”, Master instructed us.

It was still light when we stepped outside onto the rear deck. We followed Master, both cuffed and gagged, me almost naked and Boi totally naked across the deck. Master chose to go this way down to the basement so we were visible to the neighbourhood should someone look our way. The chances may have been slim, but there still was that chance, and it still gave me a moment of anxiety being outside and displaying our lifestyle so openly to our neighbours. I had no idea whether Boi was thinking the same way.

“Oh, this is very interesting”, Mistress said as she followed behind.

I was guessing that, at this stage, Mistress had no idea what Master’s intentions were.

As soon as we entered the basement, Master immediately positioned Boi, so he was directly beneath part of our bondage framework. He removed the Police handcuffs and relocked them into heavy leather cuffs. He made Boi spread his legs wide and then locked his ankles into a spreader bar. Using adjustable straps, he went about securing Boi’s arms to the overhead bondage frame, so they were stretched wide apart. Drool was stringing its way down Boi’s chest from the gag. Boi appeared surprised, wondering what Master had in store for him. At this stage, Boi’s cock was semi-flaccid, locked in place by the small ring of the chastity trainer. However, there was still precum dribbling from its urethra.

It was obvious now that Boi hadn’t been allowed to cum for some time. The poor guy must have been desperate to unload it at the first opportunity.

Mistress was rummaging through our bondage toy cupboard; she took out a butt plugwhich was a 32 mm diameter training plug from the oxy shop. Whilst Master made a final check of the bondage straps, Mistress covered the butt plug with some of the drool leaking from the corner of my mouth and went over behind Boi.

Mistress pushed the butt plug between Boi’s arsecheeks and wriggled it around until the plug slid in through his sphincter, instantly making Boi moan loudly through the gag. The plug must have placed pressure against Boi’s prostate as more precum began to string its way towards the floor almost immediately. His prostate must have been overflowing with cum, just waiting to be released.

‘You have such a tight arse, Boi, not to mention a prostate full of cum looking for a home”, Mistress said amusingly.

Mistress smeared this precum all over the head and shaft of Boi’s cock. His cock was glistening from the slippery fluid. Boi’s cock immediately became erect because of what she was doing.

Master then grabbed hold of me and positioned me so my back pressed against the front of Boi. “Spread these legs wide, Laura”, Master commanded as he slapped the inside of my thighs.

He then bent down and locked my ankles into another spreader bar, which firmly held my legs in place. With my hands locked behind me in police handcuffs, Boi’s cock was pressing against my fingers. I couldn’t resist caressing his cock, which was already rock-hard.

Master substituted the police handcuffs with a pair of heavy leather cuffs and then used a rope to tie them together behind my back.

He passed the rope up over the framework above, so it raised my cuffed wrists higher towards the frame when he pulled on it. When my wrists were raised behind me, I had no choice but to bend over to take the pressure off my shoulders.

Immediately I could feel Boi’s precum-soaked cock pressing against me. The slippery precum caused it to slide in between my arse cheeks easily. It was pressing hard against the area between my sphincter and pussy. I thought for a moment that depending on what Master did. Next, Boi’s cock would accidentally enter either one of my holes. The chastity trainer made sure that Boi’s cock remained hard. I was incredibly aroused at this point. I had never been tied together with another slave.

Master took another long piece of rope, doubled it, then tied it right around both my waist and Boi’s waist. When he pulled the rope up tight, it pulled the two of us tightly together. He then passed the tails of the rope down through the crack of Boi’s arse and then up between my legs, with the tails separating so they passed over both my hips. When Master finished tying the rope off, Boi and I were locked together.

“Oh, nice work, both slaves joined at the hips. I like it.”, Mistress Alicia told Master pleasingly.

“This should keep them safe and sound; their minds will be too focused on what Boi’s cock will be doing to worry about anything else.”, Master replied.

Drool was pouring from the corners of my mouth, past the gag and stringing its way to the floor.

“Don’t you cum, Boi, not yet? Do I make myself clear?” Mistress warned him.

Master and Mistress left the basement, locking the door behind them. The moment the door shut, I could only focus on what Boi’s cock was doing between my arse cheeks. I was fucking as horny as hell.

I could feel Boi’s slippery cock pressing at my labia; it was hard as steel and pulsating, trying to find its own way inside me. There was so much precum dribbling from it that it made everything super slippery. The slightest movement of my hips, Boi’s cock slid either against my sphincter or across my labia. Each time, I heard Boi gasp behind me as if he was in pain. The chastity trainer had made his cock rock hard. I could tell he was desperate to bury it inside me.

A few minutes later, Boi’s hard cock took the path of least resistance and slid effortlessly inside the entrance of my vagina. He had about 5 to 6 inches of shaft sticking out from the small ring of the chastity training device. Once his cock was inside my vagina, there was no way of being able to thrust because of the way Master had tied us together. It felt good; it felt extremely hard, and every time it throbbed or pulsated inside me, it made me want it more and more. I was now desperate by the minute, and I wanted him pounding me, not teasing me. I could imagine that Boi was feeling the same.

My pussy was becoming wetter and wetter, most probably helped by the precum leaking from Boi’s cock.

Eventually, Master and Mistress returned to the basement. Mistress walked straight up to us and reached down under us to feel what was happening between our legs.

“Yep, I thought as much. Boi’s cock is buried itself inside Laura, and there’s a combination of juices leaking out of Laura’s pussy. They must both be desperate.”, Mistress said laughingly.

Master just laughed. He knew fucking damn well what he had done. Everything he did was calculated; he knew the outcome before he tied off that last knot.

Mistress circled us, and without warning, she randomly smacked us hard with an open hand. It was either against Boi’s arse cheeks or my thighs. She smacked either the outer sides of my thighs, or occasionally, she bent down and slapped the upper inside thighs. She smacked us wherever she thought would sting the most and make us both flinch.

“Don’t either of you cum!” She exclaimed.

Whoever or whenever one of us was smacked, it made us flinch, and when that happened, it was enough to make Boi’s cock move inside me. Juices were flowing from both of us, cum was beginning to leak from Boi’s cock, and his desperation to stop that from happening was becoming more and more apparent by the second. Boi began to shake, which only exasperated the situation even further. I was on the edge of orgasm, partly from the pleasure but also from the situation.

Eventually, Master untied the rope holding me bent over and helped me upright. The moment I stood up, Boi’s cock pulled out of me. He gasped when it happened. I immediately felt our combined bodily fluids begin dribbling out of my pussy and wet my inside thighs.

He then unbuckled the gag, which caused the dildo end to fall from my mouth directly into Master’s hand, along with a mouthful of drool.

“Can you please pass that gag to me?” Mistress asked. “I want to try this gag out, seeing it has numerous uses, “she said.

“Sure, be my guest”, Master replied.

Mistress turned the gag around in her hand, so she was holding onto the ball. She moved in front of me and inserted the dildo end of the gag into my vagina. It slid in through the entrance effortlessly, thanks to my saliva on the dildo and my pussy being so wet.

Mistress pushed the dildo into me as deep as it would go. She then began quickly thrusting it in and out of my vagina, fucking me with it.

“Laura, don’t you cum!” Mistress exclaimed.

I couldn’t answer; I was too busy gasping as she fucked me hard and fast with it. The squelching noise seemed loud as it slid rapidly back and forth inside me. Several minutes later, my body began trembling; I was desperately trying to stop an orgasm from happening.

“I’m warning you not to cum; I’m going to punish you if you do”, she said sternly.

I had my eyes closed; I was clenching every muscle in my body, doing my best to prevent it. I was shaking and moaning in desperation.

But it was no good, as Mistress kept up fucking me harder and faster. I orgasmed hard and long. I screamed out, almost in pain, trying to stop it.

“I told you not to cum”, Mistress roared.

She immediately pulled the dildo end of the gag out of my vagina.

“I want you to count out loud, slave”, Mistress said.

She smacked my clitoris hard with her hand, which made me flinch.

 “ONE!” I yelled.

The pleasure I got from the orgasm disappeared immediately and was replaced with a stinging pain. Iwanted to close my knees together, but the spreader bar had my legs held wide apart, making it easy for Mistress to hit her target.

Another quick and hard smack followed.

“TWO!” I yelled again.

Before the sting could subside, another expertly wielded hand hit the target again.

“THREE!” I yelled even louder than before. There was a shaking sound in my voice.

“FOUR!” I screamed. The shakiness had turned to desperation.

The stinging was now constant; her smacks hit the same spot each time, and she was an expert at this. There wasn’t enough time for any dissipation of the pain. My clitoris, which was sensitive already, now stung like hell.

“FIVE!” I screamed again. I followed on, blurting out loudly, “PLEASE PLEASE MISTRESS, THANK YOU, MISTRESS”.

I was gasping; I was moving my hips around, trying to find some way of soothing the area.

Mistress placed her hand gently on the place she smacked. The moment her hand touched me, I gave a little yelp and flinched as I was expecting another smack.

She slowly rubbed the area around my clitoris and said, “Good Girl, Laura, if only you obeyed me in the first place, this wouldn’t have happened”.

“Yes, Mistress, I am so sorry. It won't happen again, " I quickly replied, seeking forgiveness.

After she finally withdrew her hand, the pain had reduced from a sharp sting to a dull ache.

The master said nothing except smile at me. I wonder if he was impressed by the way I spoke to Mistress or by the way I took her punishment.

He bent down in front of me and released my ankles from the spreader bar. He assisted me off to the side after the bar was removed.

He placed a small stool directly in front of Boi between his legs. “Laura, sit down”, he instructed me, pointing at it.

“Yes, Master”, I said.

With my wrists still cuffed together behind my back, I awkwardly sat down on the stool with Master holding me by my arms to assist. Once seated, my face was directly in front of Boi’s throbbing cock. I stared closely at it; I could see that his poor cock was throbbing and dark red from being held tightly by the chastity trainer.

The harder and more erect Boi’s cock became, the more the small ring bit into the shaft, which made it even harder. This small ring was about 32mm in diameter and behaved the same way as a gland ring. I could now fully understand what Mistress meant when she said ejaculation would be painful.

“Laura, the great thing about this chastity device is that it is extremely painful for Boi to unload his cum when he orgasms hard. But since wearing this device over the last few weeks, he has learnt to control his ejaculation to the point where he can only cum slowly, same when he’s being milked.”, Mistress explained to me in detail.

“Yes, Mistress, I can see that now, looking at his poor cock more closely”, I replied.

“Laura, your master and I were just talking earlier and decided it’s going to be your job to milk Boi’s cock seeing as you like the taste of his precum so much.”, Mistress informed me.

“Yes, Mistress, thank you, Mistress”, I replied obediently.

Master unbuttoned my nightie's two delicate shoulder straps and lifted the nightie over my head. He then threaded a length of rope through the metal loop of my collar and pushed my face forward towards Boi’s cock. I opened my mouth and took a few inches of his cock into my mouth. Master then tied the rope around Boi and back around my neck, so it prevented me from pulling my head away. It also meant I had no choice but to take Boi’s cum into my mouth.

Boi’s scrotum and circumcised cock were expertly shaved; about 6 inches of his erect cock was protruding through the small ring of the chastity trainer. The small ring was positioned just away from the base of his cock. It looked like the perfect device for sexually teasing the person wearing it. Trying to have deep vaginal sex whilst wearing it would be uncomfortable and somewhat difficult, but hand masturbation and blowjobs were possible.

I began gently sucking Boi’s cock; Master tied the rope in a way whereby I only had about three inches of possible movement at the most, plenty enough to achieve Mistress’s objective. As I slid my lips over the head and down the shaft of his cock, I could feel how hard the chastity trainer was making it. In no time at all, I began tasting Boi’s cum. He was restrained, so he was helpless, ankles locked wide apart in a spreader bar, and his arms strapped wide apart.

Seeing Boi so helpless and vulnerable aroused me. I always get aroused when I start playing with a man’s cock but taking advantage of a big man being totally vulnerable turned me on so much more than usual. Even though my arms were still cuffed behind my back and my head tethered to Boi’s body, it still gave me the powerful feeling of having complete control over someone else, and it was a refreshing change.

The more I sucked and ran my lips slowly back and forth over his cock, the more Boi shook and quivered. I was tasting more and more cum as if it was slowly leaking from his body. He began moaning louder and louder through the gag; I could see the effect the small ring of the chastity trainer was having on his cock. It must have been uncomfortable. Knowing this device was having this effect on him turned me on even more.

I was so aroused I wanted to touch my pussy or have someone fuck me whilst doing this. I spread my legs wide apart and tried grinding my pussy into the stool.

“Mistress Alicia, do you see how this affects Laura? I think she is enjoying this.”, said Master, sounding satisfied.

It wasn’t long before I was tasting and swallowing more and more of Boi’s ejaculate. His entire body was shaking and quivering helplessly against the restraints. As I kept sucking, Boi began slowly releasing his cum into my mouth. Each time I swallowed a mouthful, it was replaced with another load.

Each time he filled my mouth, he moaned, and his body shook. I could tell he was doing his best to release his cum as slowly as possible and not have a big orgasm which I am sure would’ve been extremely painful for him.

But he was still experiencing some discomfort, I could tell; his cock was as hard as a rock inside my mouth. I guess this was one of the purposes of the Chastity training device.

I continued sucking and sliding my lips all over his cock. The more cum he slowly released in my mouth, the more insatiable I was becoming. I started off milking him slowly, but the animal inside me wanted more and wanted to give it to him hard.

I had created a wet patch on the stool beneath my pussy. Master pulled the stool out from under me so that I was kneeling on the ground. He reached between my legs and slid a finger in through the entrance of my vagina. Thanks to my arousal, his finger penetrated me easily. I stopped sucking momentarily as my focus shifted from Boi’s cock in my mouth to Master’s finger inside my pussy.

Master fingered me until I was on the verge of orgasm. When he stopped, I was on the edge; it made me want to be fucked more than ever.

By the time Boi had stopped ejaculating, I had swallowed many mouthfuls of cum. I was beginning to wonder if I had drained his body of every drop of cum, he could produce. Each mouthful tasted great and stuck in my throat each time I swallowed.

“Looks like you have been well fed, Laura; you won’t want dinner tonight after all that cum”, Mistress said as she wiped her fingers around my lips.

Master untied the rope joining my face to Boi’s cock and helped to stand me upright. Mistress unbuckled Boi’s ankles from the spreader bar and his wrists from the other overhead restraints. She assisted Boi in bringing his arms back down by the sides.

Mistress Alicia guided Boi to the side of the room and said, “Sit down, slave, rest up, as there is still a lot more to come.”

I think Boi was pleased to take a break. I had milked his cock and balls for some time, and the chastity trainer must’ve made the entire experience quite unpleasant. Only because the small ring bit into the shaft, the more his cock grew.

With a belly full of Boi’s cum, I stood watching Master swap the restraints over and make some adjustments to the adjustable straps.

“Okay, Laura, come here. It’s your turn now”, Master instructed me.

“Yes, Master”, I replied.

I stood beneath the bondage frame, assuming from experience this was where Master wanted me. He repositioned me slightly. I was naked now, apart from my leather collar. He removed my wrists from the handcuffs and resecured them into separate leather cuffs. He attached each one to the Dclip at the end of an adjustable strap. The other ends of the straps were attached high up on the bondage frame on either side of me. These were the same two straps that held Boi’s arms wide apart earlier.

Master knelt on the floor in front of me and locked each of my ankles back into a black spreader bar. This bar was shorter than the one used for Boi, as my legs weren’t as long as his because I wasn’t as tall. The spreader bar still held my legs so wide that it was almost uncomfortable.

Master then adjusted the straps attached to the wrist cuffs. Each pull of the strap tails locked my arms into a new position, stretching them tightly towards the attachment points. When I was stretched tightly in a standing spreadeagle position, I felt totally helpless. I noticed Boi was sitting on a seat staring at me with his cock hard again in the chastity trainer.

Being restrained in this position in front of Mistress and Boi made me feel incredibly vulnerable. I felt like I was at the mercy of everyone in the room. I felt powerless for anyone to do whatever they wanted to me, and I had no way of stopping them. Even though I had been in this position a thousand times before, I felt just as helpless and vulnerable as I did the very first time.

Master took a ball gag head harness from our toy cupboard. It was also from Oxyshop and was like the one Boi was still wearing. The harness was black leather, and the ballgag part was bright red, matching my nail polish.

He held the ball to my lips, and I opened my mouth to accept it. Once the head harness and the chin strap buckled up tightly, the ball was well and truly held firmly in my mouth. There was no way of speaking or trying to push the ball out of my mouth with my tongue. Excess drool began accumulating almost immediately, and I knew it wasn’t going to be long before it would be stringing its way down between my breasts.

Mistress was sitting back, admiring what Master was doing to me. I could tell she was enjoying the session.

Master then took a long piece of rope and doubled it over. He pushed the bite of the rope through the loop in my collar and then the rope tails through the bite. He pulled it up tight and then guided the two tails of rope down between my breasts, then down between my legs and back up between my arse cheeks. As he passed the rope over my pussy, he spread my labia wide apart to pass the rope between so that the tails were on either side of my clitoris.

He kept firm tension on the rope firm as he guided the rope up between my arse cheeks and over the beam of the bondage frame and back down to my head harness. He tied the rope tails to a metal loop on the top of the ball gag head harness.

When he pulled the rope tight, I gasped through the gag. My clitoris was trapped in between the two rope tails, and the slightest pressure squeezed the tails tighter, pinching it even harder.

It didn’t matter which way I tried to move my head; it only made my clitoris get pinched harder.

I was so fucking aroused. I was so focused on the path the ropes took and the changes in pressure anytime I moved my head. If I tilted my head backwards, the two ropes squeezed my clitoris harder, applying upwards pressure; tilting my head forwards did the opposite by pulling the rope tighter through my arse cheeks and applying backward pressure on my clitoris. Master had made the perfect crotch rope.

Master took a pair of labia clamps and several small weights from our bondage accessory box. He clamped them onto my labia, which were being separated by the ropes. The moment the clamps bit into the flesh of my labia, I moaned through the gag. He added weights to the clamps until each labia were being stretched downwards. The slightest movement of my body made the weights swing back and forth, increasing the sensation. I could feel my clitoris throbbing, being pinched between the two rope tails.

He took another two weighted clamps from the accessory box and clamped each one onto my erect nipples. I immediately gave a muffled yell through the gag. At this point, I couldn’t think of anything else apart from the clamps on both my labia and nipples.

It was incredibly uncomfortable; every sensitive part of my body was painfully aching. I was trapped; there was no way I could escape it. I couldn’t use a safe word even if I wanted to. Master knew my limits; he was used to pushing them more and more every time.

I started taking quick and deep breaths, trying to relax as much as possible to relieve some of the pain. I was secured so tightly that even a simple body movement, such as deep breathing, was influencing the crotch rope or making the weights swing.

“I cannot believe how aroused this has made me. I love seeing a beautiful woman helpless and suffering”, Mistress told my Master.

Mistress then got up from the seat and came over to me. She ran her hands and long fingernails all over my body. Her long nails were sharp; each felt like claws, making my flesh tingle wherever they passed. Eventually, her nails made their way down to my stretched labia. I flinched the moment she made contact, which only worsened the situation.

“Look at that cute little bud, trapped between that nasty rope.”, Mistress said, referring to my clitoris.

She then used an index finger to rub my clitoris with tiny circular movements. I closed my eyes; my body began to shake and quiver. Within a matter of seconds, an intense orgasm flooded through my entire body. I gasped loudly through the gag. But that wasn’t enough for Mistress to stop; she kept rubbing my clitoris, just the bit bulging between the ropes.

Another orgasm flooded through my body in less than another minute, making me shake helplessly against every restraint. The crotch rope pulled even tighter, pinching the clitoris harder, and one of the nipple clamps slipped free, falling to the ground. I gave a muffled scream through the gag at the intense pain in my nipple.

It felt like my nipple had been torn from my body, but this was not the case. Mistress reached up and removed the second nipple clamp; once again, I screamed in pain through the gag as blood flowed back into each nipple.

It took a while for the pain to subside. Even with the two clamps removed, it still felt like they were attached.

Mistress knelt on the floor in front of me with her face close to my pussy. She flicked the two weighted clamps attached to my labia to make them swing back and forth. The weights were stretching my labia quite a bit. Anytime the weights swung back and forth, the clamps bite even harder into the flesh. It was becoming excruciating, and I was beginning to quiver.

When Mistress was finished having fun with the clamps, Master finally removed the two clamps from my labia. The sharp pain was intense initially and took some time to dampen down. I was panting rapidly through the gag; drool was running down the front of my body. I had become an aroused wreck; I was both horny and sore at the same time. I needed a decent fucking. I had an itch that needed soothing.

Master retied the rope, so my labia and clitoris were all trapped together between the rope tails. This made the whole lot into one big bulge, which, when rubbed, produced an indescribable amount of pleasure.

Mistress picked out a decent paddle from our bondage cupboard and whacked her hand with it several times as if to test it. She moved into position behind me and initially placed the cold wooden paddle against my arse cheek as if marking the target. As she took the paddle away, I cringed slightly as I knew what would follow.

Mistress swung the paddle fast, and it hit her target on my left arse cheek with a loud slapping sound. I gasped through the gag. I desperately wanted to count out loud, as it was usually the correct thing to do, but the head harness gag prevented me.

Mistress waited about fifteen seconds and swung the paddle again, impacting the same target. The pain was quite intense. The second hit came before the stinging sensation from the first had a chance to subside. After another fifteen-second pause, she swung the paddle hard and fast a third time, making contact again on the same spot as before.

I was taking deep breaths, my eyes closed, trying to will the pain away. It wasn’t long before she had completed five strikes on my left arse cheek. The crotch rope prevented me from moving my body, and the rope was cutting into my pussy and arse crack. The pain from the paddle did not dissipate.

Mistress moved into position and repeated the entire process once again on my right arse cheek. By the time she had finished the fifth strike, both my arse cheeks were stinging, and I could feel the heat generated as the blood flowed into the area. I badly wanted to touch the area to try and soothe the stinging.

Master untied the crotch rope, and as soon as the ropes were free from my body, I began to quiver uncontrollably. I couldn’t prevent it; I didn’t understand why this was happening. But I could still feel the places where the clamps had bitten into the flesh of my nipples and labia; both my arse cheeks still stung and felt like they were on fire. I could even feel the sensations of the ropes where the tails passed through my labia and the crack of my arse.

Master went over and removed Boi’s head harness gag and released his two wrists from the handcuffs. He was so aroused that he immediately started holding onto his cock.

“Stop touching your cock and come over here, Boi”, demanded Mistress. She went on to say, “Put your face between Laura’s legs and soothe her aching pussy”.

“Yes, Mistress”, Boi replied eagerly.

Boi moved across the floor and positioned himself behind me with his head between my spread legs so his mouth was directly beneath my pussy. I was so fucking aroused; I was desperate to be touched. In no time at all, Boi’s tongue was pushing upwards into the entrance of my vagina. His upper lip and nose were pressing firmly against my clitoris. I closed my eyes, focusing on the sensation of his tongue swirling at the entrance of my pussy. It was a wrestle between the pleasure and the leftover pain. The combination filled my body; the intensity was almost overwhelming.

My body began to shake; my legs started trembling, and the orgasm arrived quickly. It was so intense that I couldn’t stop the flood of juices spraying over Bois’s face as I squirted. I moaned loudly; my head thrashed about as the orgasm made every muscle in my body contract. Boi continued plunging his tongue into the entrance of my vagina. In another few minutes, another almost equally intense orgasm flooded through my entire body. This one was nearly as intense as the previous one. It made my body feel even more helpless as I hung exhaustively by the restraints.

“STOP”, Mistress said loudly.

Boi backed away; my body kept trembling from the orgasmic aftershocks, which followed for several minutes after these two incredibly intense orgasms. I opened my eyes; the room was spinning slightly from the effects of the pleasure. I was breathing fast and heavily through the gag.

Just then, Master walked back into the room. I was so focused on the pleasure that I didn’t realize he had stepped out momentarily.

He came straight up to me and removed the gag. He immediately kissed me long and passionately on the lips. I felt so exhausted and helpless. Master reached between my legs and inserted two fingers inside my pussy. As they slid in through the entrance, I let out a slight gasp of pleasure.

“Mistress, you should come and feel how wet Laura’s pussy is. This session has had a positive result for her”, Master told Mistress Alicia.

He began plunging his two fingers in and out of my vagina quickly. The pleasure was intense; I wanted to sink my weight onto his hand, but the restraints were so tight it prevented me. I began thrusting my hips backwards and forwards slightly, attempting to fuck Master’s hand.

“Look at her. Look how insatiable she becomes whenever she is touched”, Mistress Alicia told Master. “Yes, Alicia, this is often the case. The more she gets, the more she wants”, Master replied.

I was moaning with my head tilted backwards; the moment I orgasmed, he plunged his two fingers even deeper and held them still as my pelvic muscles clamped them tight. Master kept his fingers motionless inside me for several minutes. Anytime I tried to thrust my hips, his thumb up over my pubic bone prevented me. He was holding me firm, trying to prevent me from moving.

His fingers made a squelching sound when he finally removed them from my pussy. I could tell I was soaked. These sessions are intense and often give me multiple orgasms, making juices flood from me.

Master began to release me from my restraints slowly. Firstly, he unbuckled the ankle cuffs at the ends of the spreader bar and helped me move my legs closer together. They were both feeling stiff from being kept apart for so long. When he was satisfied that I could stand without falling over, he unbuckled both wrist cuffs. As soon as my arms were free, he assisted me in bringing them back down to my sides. He removed the head harness gag, allowing me to swallow the accumulated drool.

“Thank you, Master”, I said softly.

“Boi, stand over here”, instructed Master.

“Yes, Sir”, Boi replied as he stood up and approached us.

Master clipped a dog’s leash onto the collar around Boi’s neck.

He handed me a short silk nightie and said, “Put this on, Laura. I have prepared the spare bed for you, Laura. There are bondage restraints attached to each of the corner bed posts. Mistress Alicia and I want you to take Boi upstairs and place him into bondage however you like. You can then do whatever you want with him. It’s your turn to release some sexual tension”. “We will come and check on you from time to time just to make sure you aren’t getting out of control”.

Mistress reached out to me, holding a couple of small keys on a ring.

“Oh Laura, here’s the key to Boi’s chastity trainer. Make sure you keep him bound, and he never touches himself”, Mistress commanded me. “Is that clear? She reiterated.

“Yes, Mistress”, I replied as I put the silk nightie over my head.

“Off you both go”, Master commanded, waving us out the door.

Boi’s wrists were locked together again behind his back in a pair of police handcuffs. The key to the chastity trainer was on a little key ring I was holding, along with a second key belonging to the handcuffs. Boi’s cock was getting hard again and being clamped tightly by the small outer ring of the chastity trainer. I couldn’t help but wonder whether it hurt and by how much.

I grabbed the leash and led Boi through the basement doorway into the backyard. I began feeling more vulnerable as we climbed the two flights of stairs towards the house. My nightie was seethrough, but Boi was totally naked.

Besides feeling vulnerable, I also felt some power as I led Boi. I had control of him, and he was soon going to be at my sexual mercy. This power aroused me, and the more I began to think about it, the less vulnerable I felt. I never get the chance to dominate or control a man or another slave.

“I hope you’re ready for this, Boi”, I said excitedly.

He didn’t utter a word, but I could read his mind when I saw his face.

The only chance I ever get to control a guy is when I’m taken to another Domme’s house, and there’s a guy already bound up to a cross or tied to a bed. Master will then instruct me what to do. It’s not the same thing as doing it all on your own.

As I led Boi into the house and down the passageway, I felt powerful, and I felt aroused. I knew that I was soon going to be fucking and sucking him senselessly. By the time I am finished, he won’t be able to walk.

The moment we entered the spare bedroom, the large leather bondage cuffs and straps attached to the four corners of the bed gave the room a medieval feel. My mind was racing at the possibilities of how I was going to restrain Boi. I wanted the most from him I could get; I wanted the most bang for my buck. It was an opportunity I never usually get.

Seeing the bondage restraints attached to the bed aroused me more than I already was.

Subconsciously, I knew exactly what was going to follow. Boi’s cock was rock hard, jammed inside the small ring of the chastity trainer. That cock was soon going to be in whatever hole on my body I could fill with it.

I directed Boi to lie down face up on the bed. I unlocked his wrists from the handcuffs and immediately locked them into the separate leather cuffs that were attached to the top of the bed. I used a piece of rope and tied them together above his head, reattaching the cuffs to the centre of the bed head. I did this because I wanted his arms out of the way so I could easily straddle his face.

Boi didn’t know it yet, but he was going to get a very long session of pleasuring me. I was going to get every drop of cum from his body; by the time I’m finished, he will be begging for me to stop.

I locked a leather cuff around his ankles and connected each strap to the bed’s bottom corner posts. When I tightened each strap, it stretched his legs wide apart. I attached a long cargo-type strap to the sides of the bed, so it went across the top of his pelvis. When I ratcheted this strap up tight, it prevented Boi from lifting his hips. With his arms stretched to the bedhead and legs wide apart, Boi was helpless now; he was at my mercy.

Boi watched me closely as I restrained him. He didn’t utter a word. He knew if there were any possibility of a camera being hidden in the room, he would be severely punished if Mistress heard him speak.

Boi’s cock was rock hard, and it was so hard it was changing colour to a dark reddish colour. I ran my fingers slowly up his thigh and over his scrotum to his cock. My index finger traced up and over the head of Boi’s cock. He gasped loudly as my fingers caressed his most sensitive bits. I noticed there was a drop of precum leaking from the urethra. I couldn’t help myself; I immediately leaned over and gently sucked the head of his cock. The salty flavours caressed my tongue. I felt his cock throb in my mouth. I withdrew because I knew I would get more of that later.

I was fucking horny as anything. I climbed on top of Boi, my thighs straddling his chest. I moved into a position so my pussy was in full view. I started fingering myself using two fingers, sliding in and out of me. My pussy was so wet, the juices lubricating the waxed flesh around the opening of my vagina. As I fingered myself, the wetness made a squelching sound. I was close to cumming in no time at all. I was doing this to tease the fuck out of Boi. At one point, he lifted his head to try and lick me. I used my spare hand and pushed his forehead back down. “Not yet, big boy”, I said.

I orgasmed shortly afterwards, which made my body shake and tremble. I leaned backwards and reached around behind to feel Boi’s cock. It was hard and covered in precum. I wanked his cock several times, making Boi moan loudly. Me fingering my pussy directly in front of Boi’s face must have been teasing the hell out of him; he was getting turned on by it. I fingered myself faster and inserted my fingers as deep as I could.

Master popped his head through the doorway and said, “Laura, is everything here alright?”

“Yes, Sir”, I replied, sounding breathless from the self-inflicted pleasure.

I withdrew my fingers and pushed them between Boi’s lips, and he eagerly sucked them clean of the milky pussy juices. I moved forward slightly further and spread my knees apart wider, so my pussy was sitting directly on the top of Boi’s lips. Without hesitation, he pushed his tongue into the entrance to my vagina.

I gasped loudly as his tongue slid inside me. He began swirling it around inside me. I closed my eyes, held on to the bedhead and focused on what his tongue was doing inside me. As the pleasure intensified and another orgasm grew closer, I subconsciously lowered my weight onto his mouth, attempting to get his tongue even deeper. I orgasmed hard, forcing my body to writhe back and forth over Boi’s mouth, making him lick even faster and harder.

Once the orgasm passed, I lifted myself slightly so Boi could slide his tongue through my slit, around the clitoris and back into the entrance. His tongue danced all over my pussy. Boi became more and more determined to pleasure me with every passing orgasm; I was in heaven, I also felt powerful, and I was in control.

No sooner than that orgasm passed, another followed. The pleasure was so intense I began having multiple orgasms. The orgasms were getting more and more intense. Eventually, I orgasmed so intensely that I squirted and flooded Boi’s face with juices. I couldn’t help it, but the intensity of pleasure made me fall forward, so I was leaning over the bedhead. Boi continued tonguing me; he was like an unstoppable machine or robot.

I turned around and repositioned myself on top of Boi, so I was lying on top of him lengthways with my pussy back against his lips and my face close to his cock. I spread my legs wide enough to make my pussy lips open slightly, giving Boi better access to my clitoris and slit.

As Boi continued robotically pleasuring me, I held his hard cock with one hand and began licking the shaft and head of his cock. My fingers were touching his balls whilst they were trapped in the chastity trainer. Every time I licked upwards over his hard shaft and around the head, Boi briefly stopped licking me. Then, I knew he was focusing on what I was doing to him. He was incredibly turned on by this.

I took his cock into my mouth and began sucking it, slowly at first, taking the entire length into my mouth. It tasted of cum, it was like a lollipop to me. The more I tasted it, the more I wanted. I pushed my pussy back into his mouth a little harder. He began sucking directly on my clitoris. He sucked and held it in his mouth for almost a minute each time. I was gasping with his cock in my mouth when he did this, and likewise, he was too, whenever I sucked harder on his shaft.

I felt Boi’s body begin to shake; he let out a roar and ejaculated into my mouth. His body trembled uncontrollably as he came; I kept sucking nonstop as he unloaded four or five squirts of cum directly into my mouth. The moment his cum filled my mouth, it triggered another orgasm with me. As Boi unloaded his cum, he roared as if he was in pain. I quickly swallowed every drop I could but had the issue of it sticking to the back of my throat.

Since he and Mistress Alicia arrived earlier today, I had never seen so much cum produced by one man before in my life. Poor Boi, he must have had it stored up for weeks.

Mistress Alicia walked into the room, laughing aloud. “Haha, I thought you must’ve made him cum. I heard his screams from the back of the house. The chastity trainer bites hard into his cock anytime he cums”, she informed me.

I couldn’t even reply as I was busy swallowing, trying to get Boi’s cum down my throat.

I climbed off from Boi, who was panting hard. His cock was still rock hard but looked dark red, turning towards purple. I grabbed the keys Mistress handed me when we left the basement and used them to unlock the chastity trainer.

With the key, I unlocked and removed the small integral brass lock. I then slowly worked the small 32-millimetre ring up off his cock. I had to use some saliva to help lubricate it. As I wriggled off the small ring, Boi moaned. I guess it must have been uncomfortable for him.

I whispered, “I’m so sorry, Boi. I don’t mean to hurt you. " He immediately nodded in acknowledgement.

BDSM story with Chastity Training Ring

I then opened the large 50-millimetre hinged base ring and removed it from around his scrotum. I could see the immediate relief come over Boi’s face. It was the first time in quite a while that his cock and balls were free.

I immediately grabbed his cock around the base tightly with one hand and began to suck it gently. Instantly, I got a taste of more cum, as my lips squeezed out the residual cum that was remaining in his shaft. His cock grew hard almost immediately. As I sucked, I reached between my legs and fingered my pussy. When my fingers became soaked with my juices, I placed that hand at Boi’s lips, giving him a chance to lick and suck them clean like it was some reward.

I repeated this cycle several more times. I fingered myself, then placed my juice-covered fingers in Boi’s mouth for him to clean and suck again. It felt like I was rewarding him. It felt like I had the power to do this and to stop it whenever I wanted. I had never done this before, and I found it incredibly arousing. I was now as horny again as I was before.

I climbed back on top of Boi, straddling his helpless body and facing him. I leaned forward and pushed back slightly so that his cock slid directly in through the entrance of my vagina. I gasped as I felt its veined, engorged length slide into me. I was so wet with self-lubrication that it slipped inside me easily. I wriggled backwards slightly so I could see every single millimetre of its flesh penetrating me. With my hands pressing down on Boi’s chest, I began riding him. I rocked backwards and forwards, slowly at first, then faster and faster by the minute. Eventually, I was doing it so quickly that it felt like he was pounding me hard. His cock must have still been sensitive from cumming hard in the chastity trainer; he was making whimpering noises as I fucked him.

You are fucking mine now, I thought to myself. I am going to milk every single drop of cum and life from your body. His groans and whimpering were getting louder and louder until suddenly, he let out a loud moan and came inside me.

This time, I don’t think there was any ejaculation; surely, I must have emptied him before.

As I continued to fuck him hard, his cock started going soft. “Not with me, you don’t”, I told him.

I quickly turned around and pushed my cum covered pussy onto Boi’s lips. I thought you could taste your cum now for a change. I leaned forward and started sucking his cock again. It was covered with a mixture of my juices and his cum. Boi was eagerly licking everything in reach between my legs.

The moment I made his cock hard again, I repositioned myself the opposite way and began fucking his cock again. This time he took a lot longer to cum, but he seemed to be in more pain this time. As soon as his cock became flaccid again, I repositioned myself once again and started sucking him hard again.

What fucking power I felt. I had never experienced this level of control before, and I was so fucking turned on by it I was insatiable.

He came two more times, and I did as well. I orgasmed from the power and control I was feeling. My pussy was so sensitive by this point.

I eventually climbed off Boi and lay on the bed between his legs. I took his semi-flaccid cock into my mouth and began sucking it once again. I tried to make it hard one more time. I pushed two of my fingers in through his sphincter and curled them upwards slightly, searching for his prostate gland. When I thought I found it, I rolled a finger back and forth over it. A tiny amount of cum drizzled into my mouth as I sucked the last drop from him.

When I thought he couldn’t take it anymore, I stopped. I locked his chastity trainer back onto his cock and balls. His poor cock was so red and sore looking. Slowly, I released Boi from the restraints and helped him get off the bed. I was right; he was struggling to walk normally, and I had reduced him to a sexual heap.

Returning to reality took me a while; that session invoked a hidden animal inside me. It was the first time I had ever experienced domination from a different point of view.

A little later, when Mistress Alicia and Boi were about to leave, Mistress turned to me and said, “Thank you, Laura. Your Master and I have decided that you can come to our house for a weekend at some time in the future. You can be our toy or pet for the duration. You and Boi can swap roles.” “How would you like that?” Mistress asked.

“Thank you, Mistress, I would love that. Anything to please you and my Master”, I replied excitedly.

“Good girl”, she said, walking out the door.

Written by Laura Clavette (Lifestyle Submissive)

Writers bio:

Laura is a tall, slim, 24/7 lifestyle submissive.

She is married to her Master and has over

twenty years of experience in the BDSM lifestyle.

Laura is a published author of

"Crafted from Kink, Shaped by Diamonds". She has been

recounting and writing for years in detail about her own personal kink experiences.

Writing with such intricate details and expressing her most intimate feelings, the reader is

drawn along with her journey and experience.

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