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Steel Anal Spreader - Heavy Duty Speculum

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Extreme Anal / Vaginal Spreader - Any Hole spreader

Believe us when we say that with this anal spreader you are guaranteed to gain full insight in her or his Ass or Vagina. Leave your sub fully exposed with this special speculum which opens the holes in a Wide circle. You will get a deep look inside your partner anal cavity with this industrial looking device.

Adjust numerous wing nuts in order to have more fun and train you Submissive just the way you think you want it. While being widely open you can tease them with some anal toys or dildos, it is all up to you. 

Steel Anal Spreader

What is an anal spreader?

This smartly designed anal speculum will make sure that you have open sight to that gaping hole. Providing an exquisite gratifying stretch to the anal hole. Why not transform your slave into a human ashtray or a human urinal for piss play? Or, just use it for medical play and "asspection" to insert large toys like our giant anal hook.

You can slowly train a sub or a bottom to spread to its maximum limit with this high quality stainless steel instrument. Also perfect for humiliation or any extreme ass play you might think of.

How does the anal spreader work?

Spreading up to 3.75 inches wide, the Oxy Anal Spreader will certainly expand your harrowing horizons!

Made in house by our Steel craft expert, it features 6 bars that are adjusted to the desired width using thumbscrews. When central, these bars form a bulb tip for easy insertion. Constructed from fine quality stainless steel, this amazing anal hole spreader is body safe, but also has a delectably weighty and cold feel as it stretches the sphincter.

Please review anal safety guides by professional to avoid any damages. - Heathline

Small size:

Outside diameter 4.53'' / 115 mm
Inner diameter 3.75'' / 95 mm
Height 0.80'' / 20 mm  
Screw diameter 0.24'' / 16 mm
Maximum expand 3.55'' / 90 mm

Big size:

Outside diameter 5.43''/ 138 mm
Inner diameter 4.92'' / 125 mm
Height 0.80'' / 20 mm  
Screw diameter 0.32'' / 8 mm
Ball diameter 0.74'' / 19 mm
Maximum expand 4.33'' / 110 mm

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Steel Anal Spreader