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Inflatable Bum stretcher - Pump-action

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Become a bum-loving freak with this terrific pump-action butt plug, which gradually inflates from 1.37 inches in diameter right up to 1.6 inches. Just add girth to turn a good time into a great time and balloon backdoor stimulation.

Stick the strong plug up your asshole, then give the palm-sized air bulb a quick squeeze to send your sensitive anal nerve-endings into a rage.

Stay in control with the quick-release button, to shrink your plug in an instant.
Slather that plug with water-based anal lubricant before use to instantly double your pleasure.

Material: Body-safe siliconeĀ 


Length:Ā Ā 6.10 inches/155 mm

NormalĀ Plug diameter:Ā 1.37 inches/35 mm

InflatedĀ Plug diameter:Ā 1.65 inches/42 mm

Inflatable butt plug and dildo