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Stainless Steel Anal Hook

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Anal Hook - Steel & Gold

OXY Anal hook is made of high grade surgical stainless steel, which guarantees no rust, high resistance, and smooth texture.

As a restraint device, it can be hooked up to ropes and other bondage equipment, making sure it keeps a strong hold on its wearer. There's 5" of inserable length (the ball and a portion of the hook). The hook then rests against the back, while the ring (1.5" in diameter) is used to connect to ropes.

OXY Anal Hook is non porous and easy to sterile and can be used as temperature play (warmed or cold).

Made of Steel + Coated 24K Gold, Body-safe & Medical grade. 

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Stainless Steel Anal Hook


She lets out a small gasp as she fells the cold steel ball start to press against her ass as she is kneeling on her hands and knees blindfolded and gagged.  She can feel the pressure slowly increasing as her ass stretches to accept the unyielding metal ball until it finally pops inside her and her ass eagerly sucks it in seating the hook firmly against her back side. 

She can feel a rope get threaded through the eyelet of the hook and then looped through the strap of her gag.  The rope slowly gets pulled tighter and tighter until it is keeping her head pulled back and the hook firmly wedged in her ass.  She then feels his cock start to press against her pussy.  She is so wet that it easily starts to slide in.  The ball on the hook makes his cock feels so much bigger and makes it press pleasingly against her g-spot.  He starts to thrust in and out of her and quickly has her legs quivering with the beginnings of the first of many orgasms.

 Anal hook


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