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Big prostate Massager - Daily use Anal Plug

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BDSM Anal Plug - Big Prostate Massager

The Big prostate Massager - Daily use Anal Plug is a filling butt plug in a classic ergonomic kidney shape. This silicone wonder will certainly fill a hole and leave you feeling full as its anatomical design fits perfect with your body’s natural shape and can provide you with some exquisite prostate stimulation as it rubs you in all the right directions. Prostate Massager also sits comfortably between the cheeks for longer term wear. Just be sure to use plenty of lubricant! 

Whether you sit and rock or wear your Big prostate Massager - Daily use Anal Plug around the house you'll notice it is shaped to fit and fill your back end.

The Big Prostate Butt Plug comes in 4 different sizes so you can start off small and gradually work your way through the sizes to become an anal stretching master.

Big prostate Massager

Material: Liquid Silicone
Firmness: C2


When you’re done simply wash your Anal plug in hot, soapy water and air dry. To sanitise your plug you can boil it, bleach it or pop it in the top rack of your dishwasher.

Measurements as shown in the pictures:

Small Length 3.15 "/80 mm, Tip 1.00 "/25 mm, Max Width 1.37 "/35 mm

Medium Length 3.93 "/100 mm, Tip 1.18 "/30 mm, Max Width 1.77 "/45 mm

Large Length 5.11 "/130 mm, Tip 1.37 "/35 mm, Max Width 2.16 "/55 mm

Extra Large Length 5.11 "/130mm, Tip 1.57 "/40 mm, Max Width 2.55 "/65 mm