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The joyful bunch - Daily Use Anal Plugs Set

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Anal Butt plug for daily use 

With the Joyfull bunch, you will find the perfect size filling your cavities. This set of anal fun plugs will give you the upmost of butthole penetration. 
Includes 4pc. 
Material: Silicone 
Size: Per pictures 


Jessica opened the package left to her by her Master.  Inside was an assortment of butt plugs in all different shapes and sizes along with instructions written to her from her Master.  It read:

Slave, we both know that you enjoy getting your ass played with as much as your pussy.  The key to being able to perform anal is consistency, practice, and slowly increasing the size of objects used to penetrate your ass.  This week you will lube up and play with your ass every day. Start with a finger, then two fingers, then a small plug. Keep trying to slowly increase the size of the object everyday.  You will send a picture daily to your Master of one of these plugs in your ass and you will wear the selected plug 1 hour the first day, 2 hours the second day, 3 hours the third day, and so on.  You will not touch or play with your pussy. You will only be allowed to get pleasure from your anal play. This weekend your pussy will be locked up and we will review your progress. You will have to earn access to your pussy back through your ass.

Her mind raced as she finished reading the letter.¬† Her pussy was already starting to get wet as she selected her first plug, slide it into her ass, and sent a picture to her Master.¬† ‚ÄúThis may be a long week,‚ÄĚ she thought to herself as the plug in her ass was already making her pussy get wetter and wetter


Anal butt plug for daily use