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Electro-spread - Expanding Butt Plug

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Electro-spread - Expanding Butt Plug

  1. Expanding butt plug closes up for easy insertion
  2. Raised ribbing inside forces the jaws stay wide open once inside
  3. Gives your bum a constant internal stretch
  4. Slips in smooth then opens up automatically
  5. Flared base
  6. Add on electro sex play with various intensity 

Electrify your anal play with the Electro-Spread!

Make that ass quiver with exciting electricity as you Indulge in intense electrosex and vibration combinations as this anchor shaped spreads and fills your asshole. 

The plug has 90mm or 3.3 inches insertable, it was designed to fold together for an easy entry with a 1.75 inch width, this butt plug then opens up to 2.55 inches wide when inserted to provide a gratuitous fill without a difficult insertion. Enjoy the tickling, tingling, shocking functions alongside powerful vibrations with this unique and fulfilling electric plug! Designed for those who crave something extra in their ass besides the usual vibration settings, the plug offers you an easy and convenient way to experiment in electro play! 

The shocking sensations start at a very gently tickle to a full-on twitch inducing wave! Find what combination of buzzing and shocking works for you and your partner at your own pace. 

Made from non-toxic Silicone, ABS Plastic that is non-porous making it safe to use with water lubricant for a truly wild ride. After use, carefully wash the toy with mild soap and water.