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"Screw you" - Ball Stretcher

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Screw Ball stretcher

"Screw you" Ball stretcher was specifically designed by ball stretching fans for ball stretching fans to be the most effective yet comfortable ball stretcher available.

This new shape means that this ball stretcher is less likely to slip off your testicles as some round ball stretchers tend to do. The rounded shape is kind to your ball sack; there are no rough edges to chafe or dig into tender skin. Your clever new ball weight stays comfortable as long as you’re wearing it. Start off with one or buy several for a sensational stacked look for added weight and pull. When wearing more than one "Screw your balls!" Ball stretcher, the rounded edges help prevent the ball weights from trapping any skin.

How to use it Ball stretching device?

To put it on simply unscrew the single screw located on the side. Place the stretcher around your ball sack between your body and your balls and screw the bolt carefully to avoid pinching. Give it one more turn to secure it in place.

You’ll love the comfort and ease of use of the "Screw your balls!" Ball stretcher. It’s made from solid stainless steel material. It’s non-porous and easy to keep clean. As you’re wearing it, the natural weight of the ball weight gives your ball sack a constant tug. Now’s your chance to find out why many have said this is the ball stretching fan’s dream come true.

Ball Stretcher

How to measure your size:

Your chosen ball weight should be loose and comfortable enough not to restrict blood flow. On the other hand, it should also be tight enough not to allow testicles to slip through.

Put the measuring tape around the top of the testicles. It’s important that your both testicles rest comfortably under the tape.

For the most accurate measurement, it’s important to perform several measurements and to write down at least 5 results.

After you have obtained the measurements, calculate the average value: Use our calculator for this purpose.

Multiply this result by 0.74 and 0.8 to get the tightest and loosest size you can wear.

Divide each of these results with 3.14 to get the tightest and loosest inner diameter you can wear.

Order ball weights with inner diameters between these two sizes.

Material: Stainless Steel

Dimensions: 4 sizes to choose. As on picture description.

Weight: S size 57 gr, M 110 gr, L 189 gr, XL 292 gr

S size: 0.126 lbs M size: 0.243 lbs L size: 0.417 lbs XL size: 0.644 lbs

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