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Electro Shock Chastity Cage

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Electric Chastity Cage

Discover a fusion of tradition and technology with the Electro Shock Chastity Cage. Melding the security of classic chastity with the allure of electric sensations, this cage promises a shocking experience 😉


  1. Electro-Sensations: From a gentle caress of electricity to a more pronounced pulse, find your perfect intensity. 9 Shock frequencies (1-3 weak;4-6 mild;7-9 strong)
  2. Safety First: Made from body-friendly materials with strategically placed conductive zones for targeted, safe stimulation.
  3. Trio-Fit Rings: Three-ring sizes ensure a perfect fit, catering to diverse anatomies.
  4. Urethral spout: Removable urethral spout for extra fun
  5. Remote Control: Simple and practical. Start shocking with one click
  6. IPX6 Waterproof:Suitable for long-term wear
  7. Secure & Discreet: Designed for discretion under clothing and security in wear.
  8. Stay Charged: USB rechargeable for hours of electrifying pleasure. Charging for 70 minutes, battery life hours;


In the heart of the city, Alex led a life that was the epitome of routine. Wake up, work, gym, sleep, repeat. But beneath this veneer of normalcy, he harbored a secret desire for control and surrender.

One evening, a mysterious package arrived at his doorstep. Inside was the Electric Chastity Cage with its gleaming surface and trio-fit rings. Intrigued, he decided to embark on a journey of self-discovery.

The next day, with the device securely in place, Alex felt a mix of vulnerability and excitement. The electric pulses, which he could control via a discreet remote, added an element of surprise to his day. Every pulse was a reminder of the cage's presence and his own decision to explore this side of himself.

At work, during meetings, or at the gym, the cage's discreet design ensured no one knew. But every electric pulse sent a shiver down his spine, making mundane tasks feel like thrilling adventures.

One evening, at a local cafe, he met Clara, a vibrant woman with a mischievous glint in her eyes. They bonded over shared interests, and as trust grew, Alex shared his secret with her. Intrigued, Clara took control of the remote, introducing him to a dance of sensations, from gentle tingles to intense pulses, turning their meetings into electrifying encounters.

Together, they explored the boundaries of trust, control, and pleasure, with the Electric Chastity Cage playing a central role in their unique bond.

Electro Shock Chastity Cage Specifications:

Ring sizes:  1.77 inch/45 mm; 1.97 inch/50 mm; 2.16 inch/55 mm 

Urethral spout: Length 2.10 inch/53 mm; Width 0.11 inch/3 mm

Chastity cage: Length 3.93 inch/100 mm; Width 1.5 inch/38 mm

Operating Instructions

① Press and hold the host switch for 2 seconds, turn on the host power switch, and enter standby mode;
② Click again to enter the Electric Shock 1 mode, lightly press to switch frequency to a total of nine frequencies;
③ Press and hold for 2 seconds to turn off the device

How to put on a chastity device