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No-Pee Chastity Cage / Interchangeable cage tubes

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No-Pee Chastity Cage

This cage offers few unique features:

1. Two openings with locks:

  • One to connect the chastity ring to the cage tube
  • One to release the top of the penis with a top opening.

2. It comes with two cage tubes:

  • One without peephole. The wearer needs to get released to urinate or...urinate himself in messy way.
  • One with peephole as a standard chastity. The wearer can wear the chastity on a long term basis and urinate through the hole.

3.Two choices of colours:

  • Black variant. make sure that your cock will never see the light of day unless the master or mistress says otherwise
  • Transparent variant. If your dominant partner is a little more merciful, they can choose a white clear chastity cage.

Prepare yourself for some real restraint in this no-pee chastity Cage. Made from sturdy material, it become uncomfortable only when you try to get it hard.

This cage is perfect for a devious mistress game, not only controlling the manhood, but also the urine flow. Let the sub wear this cage as punishment: he will need to ask permission to his key holder to urinate. Tease him until he begs, bringing him to the verge of humiliation.

Mistress, here is a game idea for your sub:

1. Put him in a cage and dress him only in a corset
2. Make him drink water or other liquids (be creative)
3. As time passes by tighten up the corset and make him drink more
4. When he deserves a reward, unlock the top opening to allow him urinating for a limited time. He will be grateful.

Material:Medical Grade PC

Color:Black & Transparent

Dimensions:36mm/ 1.4 inch cage length
Internal width of 33mm / 1.3 inches

Chastity Rings:1.5 inch/38 mm - 1.69 inch/43 mm - 1.89 inch/48 mm - 2.04 inch/52 mm

Package contains:1 Chastity cage, 2 Interchangeable tops, 2 keys, 4 Chastity rings

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