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NEW HTV5 Resin Chastity cage - Click & Lock

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NEW HTV5 Resin Chastity cage - Click & Lock

​​The HTV5 is a new generation of male chastity devices. It offers many key improvements to the previous versions, most importantly the ability to lock off or unlock the device with just one hand & 1 click. The HTV collection has been approved by experts and customers alike as one of the most discreet and comfortable chastity devices on the market.

Made of resin, it is comfortable for short-time play as well as long time wear.

More than a chastity device, this version offers a Click & Lock padlock system that comes standard with your ring purchase as an alternative to the traditional padlock. The key is only compatible with HTV5 models, thus no cheating is allowed by trying another set of keys!

The new design cage is no longer sold as a kit, the chastity cage is available with ring sizes 36mm, 40mm, 45mm, 50mm, and 55mm, select the relevant ring size at checkout.

Models to choose from:

The internal diameter of 33mm/1.3 inch apart of Maxi which has a diameter of 35mm/1.4 inches.

The Nub = 60 mm/ 2.36 inch
Nano = 80mm/ 3.15 inch
Small = 85mm/ 3.35 inch
Standard = 90mm/ 3.55 inch
Maxi = 108mm/ 4.25 inch

Ring sizes to choose:
  • 36mm / 1.41 inch
  • 40mm / 1.55 inch
  • 45mm / 1.75 inch
  • 50mm / 1.95 inch
  • 55mm / 2.16 inch

    Numbers of air vents:

    • 3
    The whole set contains:

    • 1 ring to choose from
    • 1 Cage tube to choose from
    • 1 click and lock (high quality) with 2 keys

    Please note this is not the original Holy Trainer.

    Size to choose from:
    4 different Rings: 36mm/40mm/45mm/50mm
    Chastity ring dimensions HTV3 spare ring

    Between 34mm (1.3") and 35mm (1.4")

    Full Length
    The Nub: : 25mm + 33mm (0.98" +1.30")
    Nano: 82mm (3.22inch)
    Small: 97mm (3.80inch)
    Standard: 102mm (4.0inch)
    Maxi: 110mm (4.33inch)

    Inside the Tube Length
    The Nub: 25mm (0.98inch)
    Nano: 20mm (0.78inch)
    Small: 45mm (1.77inch)
    Standard: 52mm (2.0inch)
    Maxi: 61mm (2.40inch)
    HTV3 Chastity tube

    How to put on a chastity device