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Steel Sissy Training Clip - Male to female tg tf

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Chastity Training Clip - Sissy steel clip - Male to Female transformation

The Sissy Training Clip is a new product that masquerades erections and hides bulges. It's similar to a chastity device, only the Training Clip restrains the penis and balls from behind, leaving you with a smooth front just like a woman.

Easy to hide, the road to feminisation like never before! 

How to wear: 

Demonstration with a 3D printed clip: 

Part 1 

Fufu Clip

 Part 2

Fufu training Clip

Material: Stainless Steel 316L / Medical garde 

Size: One size fits most 


We are not affiliated with FuFu™ Original Training Clip, this is a different device with a similar idea and different upgraded materials. 

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