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The Anal Dilator - Expand Inflatable Anal Plug

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Inflatable Anal Plug - The Anal Dilator

It's one thing to slide in a butt plug and enjoy the feeling of having your ass stuffed. It's another to "expand" on that (Hahah), and use the attached hand pump to inflate the butt plug and stretching the anal cavity. When you're done with the inflation, a quick release valve releases the pressure.

Let the Anal dilator Inflatable Anal Plug do the job, expand the hole. 

Color: Black

Size: Length 12cm/4.7inch, diameter 3.5cm-10cm/1.7inch-4inch

Weight: 120g

Suggestions: Better experience with lubricants


--High-quality elastic and soft silicone surface

--Super-large expansion rate, inflatable deformation to 10cm

--Waterproof and explosion-proof material design



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