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Chastity Bra - Bond me

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Chastity Bra - Bond me by Oxy


"This is so mean," your wife states as you click the lock shut on her chastity bra.  You know how much she loves having her nipples and breasts played with during foreplay.  "Well that's kind of the point," you reply "You agreed to be my naughty slave girl for the night and sensation play is part of that tonight." 

You then tie her hands behind her back and start kissing your way down her neck and over the hard steel that now covers her breasts. She moans in anticipation and frustration of the feeling that never comes, her hard nipples in your warm mouth.  You then start stroking and running your fingers over top of the steel encasement, going through the motions of stimulating her nipples driving her mad with anticipation.

You reach down between her legs and feel the wetness of her pussy as her body anticipates the sensations that it is being barred from.  She moans in frustration and has an insatiable look of need in her eyes, wanting her nipples to be stimulated so badly. You grab the wand vibrator and press it to the bra instantly sending vibrations through the metal. Her hips buck as she moans in pleasure, finally feeling something on her nipples.

You move behind her and thrust your cock into her soaking wet pussy and fuck her while pressing the vibrator to her chest.  She moans in pleasure bucking her hips into you like the good little slave that she is as you blow your load deep in her pussy triggering her own knee-buckling orgasm.



The bra has a size adjustments on the back metal strap that will allow the bust size to be adjusted from 23 inches (60 cm) to 35 inches (90 cm), and 35 inches (90 cm) to 43 inches (110 cm).

Since it is a custom made item, production time is 6-8 days