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Female Chastity belt - Vega

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Female Chastity lock Belt - Vega

*Sold without plugs. They can be purchased separately 

Men: Ever wondered how it is to be in the control of her Pussy? Imagine how wild sex will be after you release horny Sub after few days of her not touching herself.

Woman: Allow your man to touch you only when you want to.

Let the games begin!


The modern chastity belt consists of an adjustable, locking waistband and a secondary U-shaped band that fits snuggly down the waist and over the genitals and anus.

The purpose is to restrict the wearer from intercourse or seeking sexual release through masturbation. They can be worn for a little as a few hours to months or years (with allowances for safety-related removal and/or regular hygiene).


How does a female chastity belt works?

The main female chastity shield is easily adjusted along the cable system - moving this into place you can achieve a very secure fit. The female chastity belt make it impossible to touch or be penetrated.

How to measure my chastity belt?

WAIST– Most cages will sit at the waistline (and will be the most comfortable and secure). The waistline is at the same level as your belly button or in between the bottom of your rib cage and hip bone. Take a soft measuring tape and go around your waist.  


As the lock clicked in place, Lisa had a moment up panic, “What have I just done,” she thought.  That thought was quickly brushed aside as her Masters lips locked on hers and he started to fondle her breasts, squeezing her nipples.  “Mmmmm,” she moaned into his mouth as he continued to kiss and arouse her. She could feel her pussy, trapped in the chastity belt, getting wet. 

She could also feel his hands roaming her body as they made out, sliding down her back, cupping and squeezing her ass cheeks, and his fingers tracing over and around her chastity belt.  All the attention was continually arousing her and making her pussy wetter with desire. “Tonight,” he began, “you will not be allowed pleasure from your pussy. That is locked away for now and you will have to earn it back through use of your mouth and ass.  Now Slave, let us begin.” 



 ✔️  "Everything you need to know about Female chastity"  

Since all Belts are custom made on your size and choice of color, production time is 10-15 days.