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Beaded Glans ring

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  • Beaded Glans Ring by Oxy

  • Made of heavy beaded stainless steel, erections are made all the more impressive with the Beaded Glans Ring by Oxy. This ring is ideal for the experienced user who desires a sleek modern look in a heavy supportive Glans ring.

    What are Glans Rings?

    Glans rings are little rings that go around the head of your penis. What this does is stimulate the most sensitive part of the penis – the frenulum – and makes you feel like you’re getting a tiny tug job all day long.

  • Glans Ring Specifications:

    Width: 0.59" - 15mm

    Weight: 90 g

    Inside Ø: 1.25"/1.37" - 32mm/35mm

    Model: Beaded Glans Ring by Oxy

    Material: High-Quality Medical Grade Stainless Steel 316 L, no chrome plating, anti-rust guaranteed.

  • Sex Toys Warranty
  • Another advantage to wearing a glans ring is that it delays orgasm. The same way that it gives you little tugs throughout the day is the same way that it covers those sensitive nerve endings from hot, wet, flesh on flesh action – prolonging the inevitable eruption of passion.

How to wear a Glans Ring


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