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Spiked Glans Ring

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Glans Ring with Spikes

This solid stainless steel glans ring was developed for pleasure pain lovers or CBT-slaves! 6 spikes individually penetrate your tender flesh while you screw. Making it stable on your Penis and providing some delicious pain sensation.

Diameter sizes: 1.1"/28mm, 1.18"/30mm, or 1.25"/32 mm

There are 6 spikes

Height: 0.75 inches/19.5 mm

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Spiked Glans Ring


“Slave, I have a new punishment for you today, if you can call it that. You seem to enjoy pain as much as pleasure,” she said with a smirk. She had her slave dressed in a latex catsuit that only left his cock and balls exposed. He had his arms strapped to his sides and his legs strapped together as well. The outfit was completed with a hood that left his mouth and nose exposed for breathing but covered up everything else.

He was also strapped down to the hard, unforgiving examination table in his Mistress’s dungeon so that no matter how much he wriggled and squirmed at her torment he could not get away. She straddled his face and started to grind her pussy against his mouth, he instinctively started to lick and suck on her as he had been trained. She smiled in satisfaction at this. She then leaned forward and started slapping his cock and balls, causing them to shrink back from the assault. She took this opportunity to slip her new toy over his cock head, a spiked glans ring, along with a standard cock ring. She did not want his cock able to soften back up once she started her torment.

Her Slave moaned into her pussy as she placed the items on his cock. She currently had the spikes turned all the way out on the glans ring, her slave had no idea what was coming. She grabbed her vibrator and pressed it against his cock, watching it swell to its maximum size. She then grabbed the allen key and started to slowly turn the spikes in one turn at a time working her way around the entire ring. As the metal spikes started to dig into her slave’s tender flesh she could see his cock twitch with each turn and his moans increased on her pussy. “Slave, these spikes are only turned in halfway. As long as you do not waiver in your intensity of licking pussy during your punishment I will not tighten them any further today.”

Then she grabbed her wand vibrator again and pressed it to his cock. She moved the vibrator up and down his shaft, making sure to vibrate the glans ring sufficiently at the top and his balls at the bottom. His moans increased but he diligently continued to focus on her pussy even as his hips started to buck and his cock swelled, digging the spikes into his flesh even further, as he spurted jet after jet of cum out of his cock. She continued to vibrate his cock for a few more minutes after he came until his moans slowly turned to wimpers.

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