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Balls to Wrist Humbler restraint - Scrotum clamp

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Balls to Wrist Humbler restraint - Scrotum clamp

Think you have the balls to play with this sadistic scrotum clamp? Don’t hold back; get your hands on this remarkable restraint today!

It is a brutal piece of bondage gear perfect for torturing the testicles and keeping deviant digits from reaching for things that they really shouldn’t. Any movement of the arms will tightly squeeze the scrotum for superior CBT. In addition, this innovative testicle cuff acts as a ball stretcher, pulling the balls downwards and reducing sack size for taut testes that are highly sensitive to every tantalizing and treacherous touch!


Ergonomically designed, this kinky wrist restraint and scrotum clamp combo is incredibly simple to put on and is easily fastened and locked in place, for no hope of an escape. It even comes complete with a sturdy padlock and keys included, so slaves can start their sentence straight away. Cleverly constructed from fine quality wood, this heavy-duty humbler style restraint has a delectably weighty feel for added sadism. Boasting intricate craftsmanship, the Balls to wrist humbler restraint features rounded edges and a smooth finish to avoid any tugging or pulling and provide optimum comfort during prolonged play sessions. Why not run a perverted pinwheel over their sorry scrotum, or introduce other CBT toys to your scene? The possibilities are endless with this deviant device!