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Acrylic Humbler - CBT Torture Device

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Transparent Acrylic Humbler - CBT Torture Device

Oxy Transparent Acrylic Humbler ensures your immediate, abject, heartfelt submission. Whatever your misdeed, your Keyholder will reduce you to a begging wimp. The Humbler tugs your balls to the rear, forcing your torso down and forward. Once put on it will be impossible to stand up for the wearer. 

Helpless, you’ll obey any command.

CBT Torture Device
CBT Torture Device

While no one claims the Humbler is comfortable, the rounded edges prevent pinching. The unobtrusive hinge and integral lock give this tormentor a subtle mystique while controlling your movements and consuming your thoughts. 

"You'll have no choice but to stay on your knees now," She said. 

Acrylic Humbler - CBT Torture Device

Key Features

  1. Designed to restrict movement
  2. Clamps around the base of the scrotum
  3. Keeps him on his knees
  4. Cock & Ball Torture at its best!

Please note: If you purchase the "single humbler" option - It won't be possible to attach your own cuffs. The single humbler does not necessary hooks to attach ankle cuffs. 

CBT Torture Device - Humbler