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Punishment set for male submissive - Humbler restraint

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Punishment Humbler set for male submissive 

The best gift to any mistress. A punishment set for male submissive. 

Oxy's Femdom set is designed for a full male submissive experience. The humbler will help to lock a slave pathetic balls, while the ankle cuffs will confine the sub to the ground... where he belongs, at his mistress feet.
Open the humbler, pull the scrotum through the hole and secure the device. It will be impossible for the male to stand up without extreme discomfort or balls stretched to the max. The ankle cuffs further restraint movements and are optional, for serious players only! 
A whip and a spanking crop are part of a well deserved spanking session. The ball gag will muffle the screams, while the wartenberg wheel spiked get slowly into the slave balls. 

Want to please your female alpha? This set is made for you and for her. 

Key Features

  1. Designed to restrict movement
  2. Clamps around the base of the scrotum
  3. Impact play accessories 
  4. Ball Gag and sensation toys extra 

Set includes: 

Femdom Set Humbler. Including specially made carry case, one humbler, a set of ankle cuffs, one whip, one crop, one ball gag, one wartenberg pin wheel.