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Tawse Spanking Set - 4pcs - 100% Genuine Cow Leather

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Tawse Spanking Set - 4pcs - 100% Genuine Cow Leather 

This Tawse set includes 4 spanking elements made out of genuine cow leather straps, these paddles are perfect for lovers of dominant/submissive games. Spank your partner in a correct way and with style!

We created this spanking set in the hopes to bring more pain, pleasure and fun into your life! This product is great for anyone who doesn't want to use their hand every time or just loves a good old-fashioned spanking from time to time!

Durable and high-end leather. The material flexible because the leather follows the contour of your palm perfectly. Precisely cut and evenly distributed knots gives it a nice texture.

2 Colors to choose from: black or Brown