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Achievement Coins / Chastity tokens (6pcs)

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Discover the unique way to mark your dedication to self-restraint with Exclusive Oxy-Shop Chastity tokens. Specially crafted for individuals venturing into the world of chastity, each coin acts as a beacon of motivation and a testament to one’s determination.

The best gift you could reward a sub in chastity. Praise him with rewards and let him collect his tokens of achievement. 


  1. Set of Six Distinct Coins: Covering different milestones - 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year, each coin represents a step further into your journey.

  2. Made with Durability in Mind: Crafted meticulously from robust Zinc Alloy to ensure longevity in three different colors.

  3. Unique Motivational Messages: Every coin is engraved with an inspiring message tailored for each specific milestone, giving that extra boost of encouragement.

Coin Messages:

  • 1 Day: "One day at a time, embracing self-discipline."

  • 1 Week: " A week of self-mastery, unlocking inner strength."

  • 1 Month: " A month of growth and empowerment"

  • 3 Months: " Three months of rooted empowerment."

  • 6 Months: " Balancing desires and discipline for half a year."

  • 1 Year: " One year of embracing personal journey."

Why Choose Chastity Coins? 

Whether you’re gifting it to a loved one or using it as a personal motivator, Oxy-Shop Chastity Coins act as a beautiful and tangible reminder of the journey undertaken. It's not just a coin, it's a testament to willpower, discipline, and self-love.

1. Touchable/Tactile Acknowledgment: The human psyche responds positively to tangible rewards. While the journey of chastity is largely an internal and personal experience, Chastity Coins provide a physical acknowledgment of milestones achieved. Every time you reach a goal, having something tangible like a coin can make the achievement feel even more real and rewarding.

2. Daily Motivation: On days when willpower decreases or doubts creep in, a glance at your previously earned Chastity Coin can reignite the initial drive. It serves as a daily reminder of why you started this journey, helping you push through challenging times.

3. Celebrating Small Wins: The journey of chastity, like any other discipline, consists of numerous small victories leading to the ultimate goal. Celebrating these victories keeps motivation high and reinforces the positive behavior. With Chastity Coins, every milestone, no matter how short, is acknowledged and celebrated.

4. A Sense of Progress: Holding the 1-week coin and then the 1-month coin lets you physically feel and see your progress. This progression is not just in time but in personal growth, resilience, and commitment.

5. Communal Bonding: Sharing your journey with a community, keyholder or with loved ones can be immensely beneficial. Chastity Coins can be shown or gifted, serving as a conversation starter, creating bonds with others on similar journeys, and fostering a sense of communal achievement.

6. Instilling Discipline: Having regular milestones and rewards can train the mind to adhere to discipline. The anticipation of earning the next coin can be a potent motivator to stay on course.

7. Legacy of Commitment: Over time, as you collect all the coins, they come together to tell your unique story of dedication and commitment. They serve as a testament to your journey, something you can look back on with pride.

In summary, while the path of chastity is deeply personal and largely internal, Chastity Coins offer a way to make each milestone tangible, providing continuous motivation and a sense of achievement. They serve as an external reflection of an internal commitment, a daily reminder of the strength and resilience you've shown on your path.

Keep it locked and be proud of your Chastity Life!