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Numbered Plastic Chastity Locks x 5pc

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Chastity for airport - Numbered Plastic Chastity Locks 

Keep it in chastity with a serial number! Only one way to remove it = Break it. 
The key-holder have it under control and can check that nothing was opened during the course of chastity. 

Single use, unique numbered plastic chastity locks are ideal for keeping tabs on a naughty plaything. Each lock is designed to be tamper evident; any attempt to remove the lock will destroy it. Functionality similar to a zip tie, these locks are easy to put on but require scissors to be removed. Each lock has a unique number, allowing the "keyholder" to easily identify the correct lock.

The plastic material is ideal for polycarbonate or plastic cages, which will not set off metal detectors  - chastity add on perfect for airport securitySimply remove the metal padlock from the device being used, and replace with one of these plastic versions before travel. Your dom can keep track with the unique serial number. 

Perfect to combine with a Chastity key safe! Especially if you have a cock cage with integrated lock and no external padlocks. 

Set of 5pc. 

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Chastity key safe with number padlocks