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Anal Plugs for Chastity Belts - Type C

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Anal Plugs - Chastity belt Butt Plug 

Accessories for your chastity Belts! Keep restrained and stuff your ass with this selection of plugs. 

Always felt you need something extra? That Cock Cages or Bondage is not enough for you. Check out this selection of chastity belt butt plugs and add fun to your life. Want to know how they feel once you are locked in chastity? Try them out, you won't regret.



1 = 13.5cm / 5.3" total length - 3cm / 1.18" at widest 
2 = 11cm / 4.33" total length - 2.8cm / 1.1" at widest 
3 = 15.5cm / 6" total length - 3.3cm / 1.3" at widest 


Male Chastity Belts: 

  • Adjustable Male chastity belt - Leonid¬†
  • Male Chastity belt - Polaris
  • Male Chastity belt -¬†Canopus¬†
  • Adjustable Male chastity belt - Pavo¬†

Female Chastity Belts: 

  • Female chastity Belt - Virgo¬†
  • Female Chastity Belt - Bellatrix¬†