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Chastity device - Sissy 

This is where your transformation will begin and where it ends, if it ever does, its up to the keeper of your key!

The sissy chastity belt is your key holder's dream come true. Get locked up and forget about all the arousal you've ever experienced. Just a quick look at this masterpiece will make you want to get one. 35 mm tube won't allow you to get hard but it's gonna make your key holder proud.  

We know, quite a few things in the world of BDSM may feel strange at first, but once you try them out, you'll be proud as much as your key holder for trying out things that were not imaginable at first.

The Sissy Chastity Belt


Your keyholder slips your cock down into this small tube. She feeds the lower cable between your legs and butt crack and pulls the two cables around your hips. The chastity belt you purchased is just the right length for your hips. She as to pull the cage up to align the pin with the rings. You feel them all link together and then you hear the snap of the lock. She smiles as she puts the key on a chain around her neck and walks away...

How does it work? 

The simple but secure cable bands give a sleek figure-hugging look. The attached locking mechanism is very easy to use and highly adjustable.  Once locked around your waist, it is secure and impossible to remove without a key.

With or without "Rear opening plate" ? 

Also called "Shithole", adding an opening for your rear is a great idea for long term or permanent wear of your chastity belt. It is also convenient for some backdoor play such as pegging. 
Without a rear opening plate, it is more comfortable to wear for short term play as the belt feels like wearing a G-string. 
Please note that you can't remove the plate once added. 

With or without plug? - Optional 

Compatible plug is type A: Click to view
Adding a plug will stuff the but hole of the wearer while wearing the chastity belt. A great way to assert dominance over a sub!
The plugs are removable, play with or without at your convenience.


How to measure your belt Size: 

  1. Measure 2 inches up from the base of your penis and mark this point on your abdomen.

  2. Next measure around your body (just above your hips) and down to this point.  This gives you the circumference of your band (you will find this measurement is slightly larger than your standard trouser size, for example if you wear 36″ trousers then you will likely find that you require a 38″ belt).

  3. Your Chastity Belt will be made to this size although it will adjust 2 inches either way.

Note on Delivery:

Since all Belts are custom made on your size and choice of color, production time is 10-15 days.


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