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Chomp Mouth Gag with piss-hose / Piss play

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Chomp Mouth Gag with piss-hose / Piss play 

Keep your sub shut with an extra twist: a hose connects to his pee hole - or yours. To choose from either an urethral plug insert at the other end or a funnel and silicone cock ring. Inspired by a bite guard, it is made for rough play. 
Simply slip the mouth gag and buckle up the adjustable strap at the back. 

It's perfect for those who want to give their submissive a taste of what it's like to be gagged and degraded. It stretches their jaw to the limit with its firm, non-absorbent silicone that won't budge in their mouth. The Chomp Silicone Mouth Gag forces them to swallow any fluid you want, a feature that gives this gag an edge over other funnel gags on the market!

Wash the gag with warm soapy water or soak it in 10% bleach water solution when you're done with your piss-play adventures. After air drying, store the Chomp away from sunlight and extreme heat. 

To Choose: 

With Piss-Hose 

With Piss-Lock urinal cock sleeve & Funnel 

Colors:Red or Black