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Urinal Piss Gag Silicone

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Piss Gag Mask - BDSM toy

The Urinal Piss Gag is an innovative new toy that will bring joy and new adventures to even the most seasoned water sports and golden shower enthusiasts.

Made from soft flexible black platinum cure silicone and top quality neoprene, this gag will transform the face and mouth into a fully functioning piss trough.

The BDSM Piss Mask comes with a removable yellow silicone tube gag and can be replaced with one of 3 other piss gag inserts.

The adjustable velcro black head strap is a full two feet long and can accommodate a small to a large head, while the trough is large enough to allow two people to urinate at once. This device is very easy to use, wear, and clean.