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Submissive Humiliator Muzzle-Gag - SUPER SET

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Multi function Submissive humiliator gag 

This unisex well-made gag can hold a variety of attachments which may be used to serve or please the master or the mistress. Just picture it: The Sub wearing the gag can be used as a coat hook, catch cigar ashes in an ashtray, hold a tray of refreshments, scrub leather boots, clean the toilet or even used as a urinal! 

Those Set are ideal for a BDSM theme house gathering with serving subs all around, holding still. Use them as human furniture for your own pleasure. 

To have a full set, you should buy an humiliator gag + An attachment set of your choice.

humiliator bdsm gag for submissive

Image provided Madame Caramel while trying the gag training with Maid Susie

Humiliator Gag for Submissive training

  • 1 x muzzle mask with steel pipe / Made of soft leather / Adjustable belt
  • 1 x Breathable Gag Ball interface 
  • 1 x Hollow tube to hallow fluides 

Living Room Attachments Set 

Does not include the humiliator gag - just follow attachments: 

  • 1 x Shoes Brush attachment 
  • 1 x Glass Tray holder
  • 1 x Ashtray 
  • 1 x Cloth Hanger 

Bathroom Attachments Set 

Does not include the humiliator gag - just follow attachments: 

  • 1 x Urinal
  • 1 x Toilet paper Holder
  • 1 x Toilet Brush

Details of accessories contained in Living room set

1 x Ashtray Attachment

Enjoy a smoke as they kneel, in silence and with head bowed, at your feet. The inside of the front panel humiliator gag includes a silicone ball to fully close up their mouth, ensuring that all sounds will be muffled.

1 x Shoes Brush Attachment 

Come back home and have your shoes waiting to be cleaned, unwind and relax and after a long day at work. The Slave will make those leather shine clean, and if a dirt spot is found, care to punishment as you please. 

1 x Glass Tray holder Attachment 

The Serving Tray attachment for the Humiliator Gag is a great way to provide service in the most humiliating way imaginable. Offer Wiskey, Cocktails, Snacks or your favorite sex toy. Simply attach the Serving Tray to the gag and enjoy hours of shivering servitude.

1 x Cloth Hanger 

Stand still and Obey when master comes home. Welcome him by holding his/her coat and do not dare making it fall. 

Details of accessories contained in Bathroom Set

1 x Toilet Paper holder Attachment 

Now you can use your submissive in novel ways! The toilet paper attachment is attached to a sturdy and lightweight rod that attaches to the metal tube in front of the gag. Toilet paper not provided. 

1 x Toilet Brush Attachment 

Humiliation at his finest - Make your sub clean the toilet thanks to this brush attachment. It has to be shiny and sparking clean when you come back. A submissive punishment in class. 

1 x Urinal Attachment 

Piss play, here we come. The sub holds stil while you empty your bladder in his/her mouth. The ball gag on the humiliator gag is replaced by a tube, which goes straight to the throat. All getting in to the last drop.