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Nipple Stretchers Clamps

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Stretching Nipple Clamps

This nipple protraction device is designed to clamp down on and then gradually stretch out the nipple. Comprised of a stainless steel frame supporting a dangling clover clamp, it is designed to grip tighter the further the nipple is stretched. Just affix the clamp just behind the nipple, and twist on the wing nut. As the Nipple Stretchers Clamps is pulled upwards, the grip is increased, stretching the nipple out. This unique piece can be used by both men and women, and is sure to guarantee the most intense nipple sensation. 

Nipple Stretchers Clamps


Frame height: 7.68 inch / 195 mm

Diameter: 2.37 inch / 60 mm

Width of Nipple clamp: 1.42 inch / 36 mm

Length of Nipple clamp: 3.35 inch / 85 mm

Weight: 1.94 oz / 140 gr

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