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DragonArmor Girth Enhancer - Penis Sleeve

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Say hello to "DragonArmor Girth Enhancer" – it's not your average joe of the bedroom boosters. Think of it as your secret sidekick, decked out in dragon scales to turn up the heat and adventure. It’s all about giving you that extra edge and oomph, with a splash of mythical fun.

This bad boy is all about confidence. It’s like slipping on a superhero suit, but for your most prized pal. You’ll feel the power of the dragon with every move, adding that extra girth that makes things go from "meh" to "wow"!

The DragonArmor is super easy to team up with. Just slide into this comfortable, stretchy sleeve and let the magic happen. It’s like your buddy is getting a snug, but oh-so-comfy, hug from a friendly dragon – no fiery breath included, we promise!

Whether you're looking to spice things up or just want a little extra swagger in your step, the DragonArmor Girth Enhancer is your go-to for those nights when you want to unleash your inner beast (in a good way). So, get ready to roar!

DragonArmor Girth Enhancer - Penis Sleeve

Material: Liquid silicone

Weight: 145 gr 

Total Length: 5.9  inches/ 15 cm 

Diameter at widest: 1.96  inch/ 5 cm

Inner diameter: 1.1 inches/ 2.8cm 

Testicle inner diameter: STRETCHABLE 1.02 inches/ 2.6cm