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Large Prince Albert Optimized Chastity

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Experience the pinnacle of design and functionality with the Large Prince Albert Optimized Chastity. Crafted for those who prioritize both comfort and security, this chastity device is tailored specifically for individuals with a Prince Albert piercing.

Key Features:

  1. Optimized for Prince Albert Piercing: Designed with a unique securing mechanism that integrates seamlessly with a Prince Albert piercing, ensuring a snug fit without any unnecessary pressure.

  2. Premium Quality Material: Made from high-grade, body-safe materials that are hypoallergenic, ensuring long-lasting durability and comfort for extended wear.

  3. Enhanced Security: The design minimizes the possibility of tampering or removal without the keyholder's consent, providing an added layer of security.

  4. Ventilation & Hygiene: Thoughtfully designed, allowing breathability and easy cleaning, ensuring optimal hygiene

  5. Discreet Design: Its sleek and ergonomic design ensures it remains inconspicuous under clothing, allowing for confident wear in any situation.


The Large Prince Albert Optimized Chastity is user-centric in design. Simply slide it on, aligning your piercing with the dedicated opening, and secure it as per the provided instructions. Whether you opt for the classic or the "Plus" version, you're in for an unparalleled experience.

Care Instructions:

Always clean the device with mild soap and water after use. Dry thoroughly before storage. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Large Prince Albert Optimized Chastity

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Sold without leash, external color paddlock or numbered paddlock. Those items can be bought separately. 

Large Prince Albert Optimized Chastity


Material: 3D printed Nylon - Body safe - USE lube 

Width of cage: 1.22"/31 mm

Length of cage: 36 mm /1.41 inch

MAX Diameter of PA lock(Not included):8 mm / 0.31 inch

We use premium paint . 
The paint is a body-safe shiny coating, same as in the automotive industry, there is a base coat with the color applied, followed by a clear coat for a glossy coating effect. 
It is waterproof, can be used in hot baths, and showers, and won't chip off like other chastity paint. You want the best, we provide the best.