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Stainless Steel PA Chastity CH27

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Become a proud PA Chastity cage sub!

Interesting semi-enclosed design can provide you with endless waves of pleasure. Lock your sub with this chastity that eliminates the need to attach rings to the body. CH27 is designed for the man with a Prince Albert Piercing who enjoy genitorture,

Using the piercing eliminates the need for rings to attach the cage to the body. The PA Chastity cage lock includes a built-in cam lock that makes the CH27 comfortable and discreet. It looks like body jewelry and acts as a chastity device.


While in a completely relaxed state, hold the penis as far away from the body as possible and measure the diameter of the shaft, you should allow 1/8” clearance for hygiene purposes.

Material: Stainless Steel

Diameter of PA lock: 3mm / 0.12 inch or 5 mm / 0.2 inch
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How to put on a chastity device