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Pegging Silicone Dildo 

This tantalising toy has a fantastic feel and incredible durability for life-like loving and beautiful back door gratification.
Strap this realistic dildo to your mistress or lover and go for a wild ride. Can you feel how this dildo empowers you and it's soft skin like texture? 
est the suction cup on different surfaces and take it for a solo play!

This Silicone Dildo Suction Cup for Pegging is made of silicone measures 6.9 inch / 17.5 cm and comes in awesome new colors pink and purple.

Brand: Faak
Colour: 2 Colors to Choose - Pink/Flesh, Purple/Black
Material: Body Safe Silicone
Weight: 300 Gr to 500gr
Length to choose : 7" inch / 17.5 cm - 8" / 20 cm or 9" / 23 cm 
Diameter at widest: From 1.5 inch / 3.8 cm to  1.7 inch / 4.3 cm for biggest