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Spread the legs

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Position your lover to ravish them while they're locked down!

Add a little bondage to your bedroom adventures with the Spread the legs, now featuring two restrictive cuffs to keep your submissive lover exactly where you want them. The cushioned neck provides support, connecting to the adjustable leg straps to keep them in an ideal position for angling at just the right spot while you fuck them. Go deeper than ever before as their legs are drawn back and opened for your invasion. With their wrists and ankles cuffed, they won't be able to escape the pleasure you inflict on them. The comfortable restraints secure with velcro, making them easy to adjust and remove in those desperate moments of passion. Spread your partner wide open and explore their body as they're bound and restricted at your mercy. This easy-to-use kit turns your fantasies into realities and keeps you both cumming back for more!


I keep her blindfolded while I secure her in the Spread the legs . "What are you doing to me?" she asks through a giggle. I debate putting a ball gag on her, but decide that I like the sound of her breathy voice, tinged with excited anticipation. Her legs are cuffed in and pulled back by the comfortable strap around her neck, her pussy fully exposed, so I rub it for a moment while she moans. I pull her wrists up by her head and the cuffs onto her, attached by D-rings to the rest of the sling. Her breasts bounce as she giggles again and I can't resist giving her nipple a sharp pinch. "Ouch," she says with a grin, pulling at her wrist restraints. I hover over her for a minute, so that she doesn't know what's coming next, and then move my face down to her pussy. She moans louder than ever as I lick her clit and slit enthusiastically. "Please fuck me," she begs, no longer laughing. Her head is thrown back as far as the neck strap will allow and she's biting her lip. She knows I want her to beg. I continue eating her out and soon her words don't make any sense as she dissolves into a powerful orgasms, pulling again at the restraints as her body quivers. Her first of the night.

Deluxe Spread the legs with Cuffs Specifications:

  • Measurements: Leg straps adjust up to 40 inches, head pillow measures 12 inches in length, cuffs adjust up to approximately 11 inches

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