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Oxy is reshaping Chastity Game with The Chastity Key Safe. 
Tease and denial at his best with this transparent acrylic box! 

This Chastity Key Safe - Keyholding service is a perfect place to store the key to your slave's chastity cage keys or restraint devices or anything else you want to deny your partner until they've earned it. Your naughty pet better deserve it by the time they get their privileges back.

Crafted from durable material, this secure box is designed to accommodate a Timer lock or a combination security padlock. Here are some innovative ways to utilize this unique device: With a Timer Lock: Delight in tantalizing your partner with this transparent safe featuring a timer lock, granting you full control over the duration they must wait. Perfect for enhancing experiences involving chastity, restraints, or any item requiring a locking mechanism. This time-regulated key safe offers a practical solution for solo key management, while also allowing your keyholder to revel in your delightful torment as they watch the clock tick down.

Ideas how to use:  

  • With a Timer Lock: Tease your slave with this see-through safe with a timer lock that allows you to decide how long they'll be begging for. Use it for chastity, restraints or anything having a lock system on. This time controlled key safe is perfect if you do not have a anybody to hold the keys, but also your key holder will love your suffering by using it. 
    Need: Chastity key Safe + Timer Lock

  • With a Combination padlock: Release him Step by Step - One number at a time. Or Lock the box with the padlock and give your slave tasks, he will be rewarded a combination number at a time.
    Need: Chastity key Safe + Combination padlock 

  • With Numbered Plastic locks: Single use, unique numbered plastic chastity locks are ideal for keeping tabs on a naughty plaything. Each lock is designed to be tamper evident; any attempt to remove the lock will destroy it. Just put the chastity keys inside the box, attach the one time use numbered lock to the safe and let the play begin. 

    Use this to make sure your partner's can't escape until you say so.

  • Deny your partner and put their pleasure on your terms. 

Here are the answer all questions you might have: 

1. How can one find the balance between denial and safety when using a chastity device?

Finding the fine line between denial and safety when utilizing a chastity device is a delicate endeavor. It requires careful consideration of one's self-control and the particular reasons for engaging with such a device. While some individuals may view wearing a chastity device as a symbolic act, a visual representation of their commitment to denial, others may find that the physical barrier is a crucial element in resisting temptation and ensuring safety. It is essential to reflect on personal motivation and level of restraint to strike the right balance in using a chastity device effectively.

2. How can one break into a lockbox for emergency purposes if the primary keys are not available?

In situations where the primary keys for a lockbox are not available and there is an emergency need to access its contents, one possible method is to use tools such as two spanners to exert force on the shackles of a standard padlock. This can potentially weaken the locking tabs and pins of the lock, allowing for manual destruction of the lock. It's important to note that attempting to break into a lockbox in this manner carries risks of damaging the lockbox itself or causing harm to oneself. Before resorting to this method, it is crucial to assess the possible consequences and ensure that it is a necessary step given the circumstances. It's advisable to explore alternative methods and always be prepared for the worst-case scenario when storing keys for emergency access.

3. Why is it important to have an emergency key accessible in case of unforeseen circumstances?

Having an emergency key accessible in case of unforeseen circumstances is crucial for ensuring the safety and well-being of individuals engaging in any form of play or activity, especially in scenarios involving power dynamics or potential risks. Emergencies can happen unexpectedly, and having quick access to an emergency key provides a necessary layer of security and assurance. Prioritizing safety and consent in any activity is paramount, and being prepared for unforeseen situations by having an emergency key readily available reflects a responsible and risk-aware approach to engaging in such activities.