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Giant finger - Anal Plug

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Providing intensity that is off the scale, it stretches, satisfies, and plays with the sensitive nerve endings. This gratifying piece of nature ensures that you will reach all new orgasmic depths in your underworld. The Giant finger Anal Plug is available in five different sizes, depending on just how big your anal appetite is! 

Are you ready for Giant Finger Anal Plug to conquer your cave?

Made from fine quality silicone, this gratifyingly Anal plug is completely body-safe and compatible with your favorite silicone and water-based lubricants

Material: Liquid Silicone
Firmness: C7

Max diameter of plug: S 1.57 inch / 4 cm - M 1.97 inch / 5 cm - L 2.52 inch / 6.4 cm - XL 2.6 inch / 6.6 cm

The total length of plug:S 7.5 inch / 19 cm - M 9.05 inch / 23 cm - L 10.82 inch / 27.5 cm - XL 12.6 inch / 32 cm

Giant Anal Plug