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Anal Play Bundle

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Anal Toys Play Bundle

Fully stocked with three classic anal play essentials, Oxy's Anal Play Bundle combines an Expandable Butt Plug, Anal Beads, and a crazily shaped Ass Plug.

Start your journey with Expandable Plug in order to train your a-hole for bigger challenges. Pleasurable for all, the included Almond-shaped plug penetrates smoothly, gently stretching and stimulating sensitive anal areas. Once done with Play Session, insert the Anal Beads and wear them until your next play night.

Body safe and hygienic, each Oxy shop's piece cleans easily using warm soapy water.

The set includes items below: 

1x Expandable Butt Plug - Anal trainer  To inflate your asshole and stretch the cavities, simply squeeze the bulb to inflate the plug to the ideal stimulation size.

Without pumping: largest wide at 36mm/1.4 inches  tip at 28mm/1.1 inches. 
When pumping, goes up to 120mm / 4.7 inches 

1x Big Anal Beads - L size - For those that have graduated past the smaller butt plugs and want something more filling, Big Anal Beads might be just the right toy for you.

Material: Silicone

Total length: 19.29 inches/49 cm Diameter of Beads: 1.97 inches/5 cm Distance between Beads 1.97 inches/5 cm

1x "Almond Nut" Ass Plug M size- The unique design of this anal bulb ensures a comfortable insertion with just a splash of your favorite water-based lubricant. 

Material: Silicone


Max diameter of plug: M 1.97 inch / 5 cm

The total length of plug: M 5.70 inch / 14.5 cm