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Ball stretcher beginner set

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Starting in the ball stretching adventure? Before going for heavy weights, start with this discovery bundle, it will help you gently stretch your sack with a variety of devices. 

The benefits of ball stretching are covered in our numerous articles and in scientific studies. Those sex toys are not always used for punishment and pain, but also for individual pleasure. 

Ball stretching will increase testosterone levels / will provide a greater sexual health / will provide a greater endurance in bed / will give you prolonged Orgasms and also but not least, a more attractive well hung look. 

Make your balls hang low, take your partner in doggy style and thank us later. The balls slapping against the clit while the hips are moving is a treat. 

The ball stretching bundles includes: 

2 xStainless Steel ball stretchers 7 Oz / 200gr. Stackable and easy to wear thanks to the wrench key provided, those ball stretchers are a must have for starters and for advanced players.

1 xSilicone Ball restraint. Squeeze the balls tightly and apply pressure to your sack! This can be used in combination with the steel stretchers to wrap your nuts and be used as an ejaculation delay toy. 

1 xParachute ball stretcher. The parachute ball stretcher is made of PU leather and wraps around your scrotum easily. Feel free to attach weights to the ring below, it could be a pair of boots or the ball weight provided. 

1 xBall weight 130gr 4.6 Oz. Easy to attach to your balls, just slide it in the strap provided and squeeze it in. The gravity will pull the weight and stretch the testiclues from yoru body. Can be combined with other weights for extra fun!

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