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Set of 2 Glans Rings + Velvet Bag

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2 Glans Rings in Velvet Bag

USE: Just slip those just under the head of your cock, and you are all set!

IMAGINE: The rings are made to stimulate sensitive areas with pressure points. To be used during intercourse or foreplay ;). We know you want it!

SIZE: Adapt to most sizes, more on the small-normal cocks. The two balls ring has a diameter of 1.18'', while the 1 ball ring has a diameter of 1 ''

MATERIAL: Medical Grade Stainless Steel, No rust guaranteed, hygienic, and extra solid

PACKAGE CONTENT & PRIVACY: Includes 2 Cock ring, 1 velvet bag. Always Shipped in Discrete Packaging


  • Diameter: 1.18'' / 30 mm
  • Ball diameter: 0.31’’ / 7.87 mm

Material: Medical Grade Stainless Steel

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