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Solid Steel Cross Handcuffs

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Bondage Steel Cross Handcuffs

These Cross Handcuffs are NOT made of Alloy like other models in the market. Solid Steel Cross Handcuffs are made out of stainless steel and they are surprisingly easy to wear. Combining it with a sturdy padlock makes escape a "Mission impossible"!

The only way to freedom is by the grace of your dom.

Solid Steel Cross Handcuffs

Game ideas:

Instead of a classic padlock, use Solid Steel Cross Handcuffs with timer lockor leash.

A simple change in hand positioning will greatly enhance the wearer’s feelings of powerless submission. Be to one to discover the balance between control and submissiveness with these Solid Steel Cross Handcuffs.

Material: High-quality stainless steel / Hand polished / No rust 


  • M - Female: 70mmx80mm / 2.75inchx3.15inch (HeightxWidth)
  • L - Male 87mmx94mm / 3.42inchx3.7inch (HeightxWidth)


  • 8 mm/0.32 inch
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Solid Steel Cross Handcuffs