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Zinc Handcuffs - 4 Sizes

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BDSM Handcuffs

Package Includes:
1 Pair Cuffs + 1 Pair Locks 
Size S: 5.5x4.5CM, Suitable for female hand cuffs
Size M: 7x5CM, Suitable for male hand cuffs
Size L: 8x6.3CM, Suitable for female ankle cuffs
Size XL: 9.2x7.3CM, Suitable for male ankle cuffs
Zinc Alloy material, solid and durable. 
Fine finish surface, comfortable for long term use.
Quality Locks 
Can be used with or without chain
4 sizes for you to choose
Discreet packaging for privacy protection


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She could feel the hard metal of her cuffs digging into her wrists as another orgasm wracked her body causing her to pull and struggle against her bonds.  She had had so many orgasms tonight that she had lost count. When she told her boyfriend that she has always had a fantasy of being secured to a bed with handcuffs and being forced to orgasm as many times as her capture wanted, she had not expected this. 

Earlier that night he had presented her with the beautifully made cuffs that she at first mistook for jewelry. It wasn’t until he had lead her into the bedroom and was fastening the cuffs to the headboard that she realized her fantasy was about to come true.  The cuffs were a lot stronger than they appeared and try as she might, she was secured to the headboard until he was finished with her, which isn’t so bad she thought to herself as another wave of pleasure overtook her, testing the strength of the cuffs yet again.