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Ejaculation delay - BUNDLE SET - 9 Items

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We made a bundle for the ones who want to last long and stay hard.
Ideal for premature ejaculation training, this mega bundle is here to guide you on the path of long hours sex and teach you to hold back. 

Try touching yourself with very gentle movements, or ‘edging’ – bringing yourself near to climax then stopping completely. Do you like it? Then those toys are the perfect add on to your penis.

The set includes:

1 xSet of 4 silicone penis rings. All come in different sizes and can be wrapped around your balls, as a cock ring, as a glans ring and eventually combined all together for a maximum squeeze. The apply pressure of those cock rings can slow down the cum arrival and provide a stronger erection all together since it squeezes blood vessels. 

1 x Ball sleeve restraint. This TPR sack was made to encase your balls and plump up your package.
Not only retraining your balls, it also restraints the ton of cum you are holding there, slowing down the release of the sauce. 

1 xBalls sling with a splitter. Designed to keep you rock hard and slow down ejaculation, as well as splitting the balls for increased sensitivity and gratification, the Oxy Ballsling Cocksling with Splitter offers a unique combination of intense stimulation that simply can’t be beat! The ring keeps your balls anchored down in the sling and the separator forces your nuts downward and away from each other for a sweet stretching sensation.

1 xOxy Tri Cock ring Sling. These three conjoined rings give your package the right amount of grip right where you need it most for an impressive package. The Oxy Tri-Ring grips the base of your penis and keeps your swollen member standing tall and proud. The ball ring gives your ball sack a gentle push downward for an erotic ball tug that simply feels amazing. 

1 x Tire Glans ring. The tire glans will turn you into a real powerhouse. It's industrial look and feel gives you the energy of a powerful engine with plenty of horsepower and stamina to keep your engine running all night! 

A good glans ring puts a pressure on the glans of your penis so it becomes more sensitive to touch. Practice edging while wearing it and you will be grateful you were born.