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Plastic PA Chastity Device

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Chastity Plastic PA Device

If you are not a huge fan of steel chastity device but enjoy Prince Albert locks, this it the cage for you. Our one and only Plastic PA version which is really similar to CH40 model, with a detachable PA lock in order to secure double fun.

You won't make a mistake if you decide to get one of these two models. 


While in a completely relaxed state, hold the penis as far away from the body as possible and measure the diameter of the shaft, you should allow 1/8” clearance for hygiene purposes.

Material: Plastic

Diameter of PA lock: 4 mm / 0.157 inch

Inner diameter of cage: 31 mm / 1.22 inch 

Length of cage: 67 mm / 2.63 inch

Weight: 155g


How to put on a chastity device