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Beginner's Guide To 

urethral sounds & penis plugs

Beginner's Guide To urethral sounds & penis plugs

Curious what it’d feel like to stimulate the inside and outside of your penis at the same time? Try urethral sounds and penis plugs, which can be an exciting experience when done properly.

For beginners, gently insert a penis plug into the opening of the urethra to stimulate nerve endings and discover new sensations in your sexual experience. The practice of plugging your urethral opening is called urethral play and it’s getting increasingly common these days, whether during solo play or with a partner. Once you get used to penis plugs, you can move on to longer versions, which are urethral sounds.



Wear a penis plug during oral sex or masturbation and experience exceedingly pleasurable sensations from the inside out. A penis plug stimulates the nerve endings that sit just behind the head of the penis, leading to heightened sensitivity. Combined with a supreme stretching sensation, this results in an incredibly powerful orgasm. Remove the plug just as you climax for an even more mind-blowing experience.


Wearing a penis plug will give your package that sexy, badass pierced look without having to go through the pain of getting an actual piercing. Not only does it look good enough to get your partner excited, but it also feels even better when you get to feel pleasure inside and out at the same time.


With the many sensitive nerve endings in the penis, you can enjoy orgasmic sensations if you wear a thru-hole penis plug all day underneath your underwear. The light friction of your clothing against your manhood will give you a hard-on all day if that’s what you’re after! It goes without saying that a prolonged erection makes for longer playtimes!


A penis plug puts some pressure on the tiny nerve endings behind the head of the penis, bringing them closer to the surface. This results in enhanced sensitivity, amplifying the orgasmic sensations of every lick, stroke and suck your manhood receives. Even the very gentlest of touches will bring you to the edge. Try it and you’ll know what we’re talking about.


Safety first - an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and you REALLY don't want to experience an infection!

  1. First off, sterilise your urethral sound or penis plug in boiling water for 3-5 minutes
  2. After this we recommend that you wipe down your urethral sounds and penis plugs with alcohol swabs
  3. Ensure your penis is clean, and wash your hands with hot water and anti-bacterial soap. If you want to be extra cautious you can wear surgical gloves


  • Choose a penis plug or urethral sound with a rounded, tapered tip
  • Use PLENTY of lubricant
  • Remove your penis plug or sound before ejaculation for non hollow plugs
  • Wait until your erection subsides before removing a sound with a defined curve


  • Use any old object lying around your house
  • Choose one of our more extreme styles or sizes of sounds
  • Force your plug or sound down your penis

Plugs Versus sounds

Penis plug users will wear the urethral plug during masturbation, thus providing sensations from the inside out. Some plugs can be solid and some hollow, such as the cum through plug = allowing liquids to pass through. 

Urethral sounds are also inserted during penis sounding, they are usually longer and can reach the bladder - the most direct way to reach the prostate. 

TYPE OF Penis plugs


Solid Penis Plug

Solid plugs have no opening and are one complete piece of penis jewellery. The solid construction prevents most wearers from urination or ejaculation. 


 thru-hole penis plug

Also known by its hip misspelled name thru-hole, this plug is hollow to allow you to urinate or ejaculate freely while wearing it.  


ridged penis plug

When you've practised a bit, you may feel you’re ready to move on to something a bit more stimulating. Waves, ridges, spiral threads, beads or any other texture adds a little more excitement and stimulation into the mix! Your urethra will accommodate these ridges as they slip in and out of your penis sending you into sensation overload 


tapered penis plug

Whether you’re looking for minimalistic stimulation or stretching, a smooth textured plug features a tapered tip and generally stays the same diameter throughout the shaft. There are some smooth penis plugs which start off narrow and then gently graduate in size for those looking for a gentle stretch. If you’re new to urethral play, these are the perfect plugs to start with.


Sperm stopper

The sperm stopper is most commonly a solid ball which goes in through the urethra. This ball is then connected to a thin rod which is attached to a ring which swivels into place behind your glans. 


Penis plug prince albert piercing

The prince's wand, or policeman's nightstick, comes in pinless and pierced varieties for those with a Prince Albert piercing. Its basic shape is a smooth hollow shaft with a ball on the end, with an opening that allows you to urinate and ejaculate freely. For men who do not have a Prince Albert Piercing, a thin rod comes out from the ball on the end and connects to a ring which swivels into place behind your glans. For the pierced gentlemen, a wand goes through your Prince Albert opening and connects with the shaft of the prince’s wand. 


Vibrating penis plug

Vibrating plugs feature a small yet powerful motor that will send tantalising vibrations all through your shaft. Some men enjoy the feel of the vibrations which they can move up and down their urethra to pin point their favourite point of pleasure. 


In medicine, urethral sounds are for probing and dilating passages within the body. Some people enjoy the pleasurable sensations urethral sounds and penis plugs as the urethra is filled with sensitive nerve endings which respond well to stimulation. 


Rosebud Urethral Sounds

Solid plugs have no opening and are one complete piece of penis jewellery. The solid construction prevents most wearers from urination or ejaculation. 


prostatic sounds

Stimulate the prostate by the inside? Hell yes. prostatic uretha will help you reach you this ultimate stimulation. Please use special uretha sounds made for it - with a curved rod. experienced users only!    


Silicone tube urethral sound

Penis Sound Flexible rod consists of approximately 15 cm of carefully crafted medical plastic tubing which we have equipped with two stainless steel caps. The tubing and cap are equipped with an opening that goes all the way through. For long time wear


Beginners should go ahead with penis plugs having the average diameter of a mal urethra - 6 to 8mm. However, it is not something easy to measure and you will know your diameter only when you try by yourself. For the length, no more than 6” for beginners and go for more once the urethra is stretched and capable of accommodating large and long toys. 

The rounded and tapered tip helps prepare your sensitive urethra for a gentle stretch as you ease your chosen penis plug or urethral sound through your meatus and into your urethra. Save the more extreme styles of penis plugs and sounds for when you've become accustomed to the sensation and work your way up. 

getting started

As long as you’re careful and start off slow, your sounding experience should go smoothly

  1. Use plenty of sterile lube 
  2. Start with a soft penis - Holding it at a 90 degree angle from your body, slowly slip the sound or plug in 
  3. Try to let gravity and the weight of the sound naturally pull the sound down into your penis 
  4. Once you have your sound or plug in place and you’re comfortable, experiment with light gentle strokes on your penis 
  5. Enjoy the sensation of sliding it in and outOnce orgasm is at reach, you can get let the load out with a hollow plug. 
  6. For a solid plug or sound, we recommend that you slide them out gently to prevent retrograde ejaculation