Chastity Contest - Results - Oxy-shop


The results 

We are overwhelmed with the amount of people who participated in the OXY chastity design competition! 

Since mid October until the 1st of November, we gathered close to 500 applications. 

Unfortunately, we can not publish everyone - we have made a limited selection for everyone's enjoyment. 

From all our heart, thank you for participating and for being so passionate about something which units us = Chastity lifestyle. 

This accessory is more than a sex toy - It is part of us,  part of our life journey and our relationships. 

The Contest pitch which was advertised back in October: Upload a design for a chastity idea = Our team will select winners and manufacture the chastity designed. 


After days of selections, we have chosen 2 winners - Their creation will be designed and 3D printed for everyone to enjoy. 

A third winner will be selected by you, the readers. At the bottom of this page, you will find a slide show with a possibility to rate design suggestions. 

1) The Flex Chastity Device

Richard - A cage with a twist. Customise your add ons! 


A curved design for comfort, the cage has slots and holes for aeration and drainage. On the top of the cage there are three slots going halfway down the circumference to allow inserts. The inserts are held in place with a curved bar which inserts into a ring on top of the cage above the retaining hook, and locks into the lower end of the cage with a barrel lock keyed to the same key as the Back Ring lock. The inserts are not removable without being unlocked.

Insert 1. Spiked to resist erections and pulling out of the cage. This insert can be used in any position of the three slots, or three inserts used to fill all three slots.

Insert 2. Solid disc to fill the internal diameter, can be used to reduce the length of the cage, it can be used in any slot position. Used on its own or in conjunction with the spiked insert/s.

The vertical slots in the end of the cage allow it to be used directly in conjunction with a PA piercing, or a cable running from one of the pins in the back of the cage, down through the end of the cage, through a PA or foreskin piercing and back up to the other pin, again securing the device with no pull out possible.

This level of professionalism and detail is impressive to see. @Richard Would you like to work for Oxy and design chastities for the community? 

Outstanding idea and ingenious design - We are wowed. 


IvanTheDom - This piglet chastity is the perfect  sign of humiliation and submission. Painted in bright pink, this serves as a true reminder to whom you are serving and who you are: a piglet sub. 

We love the creativity and the animal inspired cage! Our 3D design team will work on it to make it functional and aesthetic. 


Go through the slides and rate the work of selected applicants! 

The most rated design will be 3D printed and available to purchase.