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24K Gold Dragon Chastity FLAT Ring 3.34" / 85mm

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24K Gold Dragon Chastity Device FLAT Ring

This Gold Dragon Chastity Device allows your keyholder to tease the tip of your penis and make you spit cum. Dragon cock cage comes in two options: Steel version and 24k Gold layer but Gold one is our pick. As Dragons are mostly protecting piles of gold and princesses this device is a perfect choice for all the sissies out there who want to feel a little bit special with keyholder „protecting“ their gold aka your penis. The classy futuristic design allows easy cleaning and opening while providing comfort.


Dragon Chastity Cage



Option: 24K Gold layer or a Steel version.

FLAT Penis ring: 1.62 inch / 41.3mm 1.74 inch / 44.4mm 1.87 inch / 47.6mm

Cage total length : 3.34 inch/85 mm

Internal width : 1.42 inch/36 mm

Material: High-Quality Medical Grade Stainless Steel 316 L, no chrome plating, no rust guaranteed.

To ensure proper fit, measure the width of your cock (take that measure at the base). Once you know your diameter, you can choose the size that will fit you the most, by its size and comfort.

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