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3D Printed Padlock Holder - Oxy & Josie Lynn

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Chastity cage padlock holder - 3D Print

The Oxy & Josie Lynn Chastity device works best using the integrated "magic" locker, however, that's not how everyone wants to lock up!  This kit will give your Custom printed chastity cage the option to add a padlock, or a single-use plastic lock in three different manners.  Two styles allow the lock to lay across the top, and one puts the lock to the side.  You get to decide, or even better, someone else gets to!

This product has been designed such that the parts need to be trimmed from each other. Padlock holder is only compatible with the Micro, Short & Long Tube Collab - Oxy & Josie Lynn Chastity Cages


1. Spare locks are sold separately. Please purchase it to be able to lock the cage.Product here

3. Please allow 2-8 days in order for item to be made. Shipping time 5-7 business days.


Gray PA12 & Black PA12 are made out of Multi Jet Fusion Plastic. 3D printed in nylon 12 material with a matte finish and slightly grainy feel.

Rest of the models is made out of Versatile Plastic. 3D printed in nylon plastic polished to reveal a smooth colorful finish.
Note: 3D Printed Padlock Holder may be compatible with your cage - if it's got an enclosed area for a stealth lock, it may work for you.  As tested, it fits the Oxy & Josie Lynn Short & Long tube.