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Keyless PermaLocker - 4 pieces - Oxy & Josie Lynn

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Keyless Chastity - Permalocker

Ever get tired of being able to have your chastity cage unlocked?  Wish it was just simpler and had one less thing to worry about?

Slide the Permalocker into your cage, and never have to worry about unlocking.  There's no key slot, there's no tab to pull on, and once it's snapped into place, it's not coming out without destroying it!

Put a permalocker in your Chastity cage and it can be 100% metal-free!  

This is a Permalocker for the Micro, Short & Long Tube Collab - Oxy & Josie Lynn Chastity Cages

(Installation may require the use of needle-nose pliers). 

  1. Remove one Permalocker off the sprue with a knife or other cutting tool.  Clean the end to ensure there are no sharp edges left over
  2. The Permalocker has a dimple on one end, this is the end that gets inserted into the cage first.
  3. Slide the Permalocker in, dimpled side first until the locking tab is up against the opening
  4. Carefully twist the locking tab clockwise while pushing it into the cage until the locking tab catches on the hole (this may require pliers)
  5. Push the Permalocker in as far as you can.  On the Chastity device, you may hear a "pop" - that sound tells you that you're properly sealed in.
  6. Enjoy a worry-free life!

Gray PA12 & Black PA12 are made out of Multi Jet Fusion Plastic. 3D printed in nylon 12 material with a matte finish and slightly grainy feel.

Rest of the models is made out of Versatile Plastic. 3D printed in nylon plastic polished to reveal a smooth colorful finish.

Note: Permalocker may be compatible with your cage - if it's got an enclosed area for a stealth lock, it may work for you.  As tested, it fits the Oxy & Josie Lynn Micro, Short & Long tube.

WARNING: Permalocker will not come out without destructive force, the dimple is included to be a good place to get a drill bit started.  This is not a toy, it will not come out unless something is destroyed.