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"The Flex" by Albion - Versatile & Adjustable chastity device

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"The Flex" by Albion

Versatile & Adjustable chastity device

Oxy Design contest winner 2021.
The winners of this contest saw their projects come to live thanks to our design team and manufacturing capabilities. An idea, a drawing, a collaborative work to reach a finished product ready to be worn.

Coming first in our design competition, the versatile cage invented by Richard Albion* is cleverly designed to allow multiple punishments in one chastity device. Spikes can be held in place thanks to three slots on different positions as well as size adjustment to offer better confinement and penis shrinking.

Be creative, throw dice and decide on the punishment you shall receive - would it be slot 1, 2 or 3?This chastity device is a gift to the key-holder, playing at will with size adjustments and pain inflicted to the wearer.

*Richard Albion lives in Sarasota Florida. He is a European melting pot, writer of erotic romantic kink adventure novels, talented cook, clothing designer and visual artist.

How does it work?

An insert is as an add-on accessory - it is included in the package when purchasing the Versatile chastity device.

On the top of the cage there are three slots going halfway down the circumference to allow inserts. The inserts are held in place with a curved bar which inserts into a ring on top of the cage and locked at the bottom.

A solid disc insert can be used to reduce the length of the cage, it can be used in any slot position.Used on its own or in conjunction with the spiked inserts.

Versatile & Adjustable chastity device

Material and what's included

3D printed in Nylon material, It is sturdy and solid. Made of body safe material, it does not cause harm or irritations.
Ideal for short session, and long-term chastity goals.
It includes one cage tube, 1 ring, 1 integrated lock, 3 spikes inserts, 1 slot insert, 1 curved bar.

Paint & Colors

We use premium paint for Pink & Black. The paint is a body-safe shiny coating, same as in the automotive industry, there is a base coat with the color applied, followed by a clear coat for a glossy coating effect.It is waterproof.


Length of device in all (including ring, gap and tube) : 120mm / 4.73"
Length of cage tube: 74mm / 2.9"
Inner Diameter: 36mm / 1.4"

Rings sizes available to buy individually:

  • 1.49'' / 38mm ring
  • 1.57'' / 40mm ring
  • 1.77'' / 45mm ring
  • 1.97'' / 50mm ring
  • 2.16'' / 55mm ring
  • 2.36" / 60mm ring

Rings sizes available to buy by packs:

Size XS-M :1.49'' / 38mm ring + 1.57'' / 40mm ring + 1.77'' / 45mm ring
Size M-L :1.57'' / 40mm ring + 1.77'' / 45mm ring + 1.97'' / 50mm ring
Size L-XXL:
1.97'' / 50mm ring + 2.16'' / 55mm ring + 2.36" / 60mm ring

Colors available: Pink, Black

How to put on a chastity device