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Anal Ball Wand - Prostate Massager butt plug

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Prostate Massager butt plug

There is no Magic wand that can resolve our problems but Anal Ball Wand will make you forget about them!

With its unique design, stimulate your or partners anal cavity way easier than before. The handheld butt plug gives you a magical feeling of being satisfied from the inside and fulfils your desire of becoming an orgasm magician.

Brings magic to your back door!

Anal Ball Wand

Anal Ball Wand is perfect for temperature play:

Immerse the wand into iced water to experience the cool feeling.

Immerse it in hot water, to experience warmth inside you.

Color: Silver
Material: Metal
Type of ball: Hollow 
Weight: about 3.2 oz/90g - 3.5oz/100g - 3.9oz/110g
Length: 9.25 inch/235 mm 
Ball diameter:1.12 inch/30 mm - 1.5 inch/38 mm - 1.97 inch/50 mm

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